What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


Mobility and soft/hard counters


More like it’s only form of healing, that allows healer to:

  • heal currently engaged teammate(s), so they live longer;
  • heal disengaged teammates, so they recover;
  • do all of the above, while dealing damage themselves;

As long as tanks can take turns in tanking, team is very hard to eliminate: heavily wounded tank retreats to the back of the group, while freshly healed one goes to the front to tank damage.


So, in your games, people switch to or pick these heroes specifically to get a pick?


Charged Zarya is not burst damage in the slightest.
D.Va is, if you’re high Diamond / Masters, maybe. And that’s the top 15% of the playerbase operating under their optimal conditions in a Dive.
I’d say Rein is definitely burst damage, but it’s melee and has more than a second swing time, oh and uh- it does 75 damage per swing.
Won’t argue Roadhog because it’s true, but ult battery should be considered.

  • Widowmaker, Hanzo, Reaper, and Torbjorn can ALL delete opponents (even Tanks) faster than most of the ones you listed, excluding Roadhog.
    They also have quicker fire rates and quicker reloads and (arguably) better ults than Hog.

I wouldn’t say Winston. Moira does the same damage, from much farther away, much more accurately. If Winston does too much sustain, then Moira definitely does (Which is BS).

  • Rein I would argue is burst damage due to swing delays and animations that can no longer be cancelled (as of stealth patch like 5 months ago).
  • I’ll give you Zarya because that’s fair.

You’re not adding context is my issue with this post.

  • Tracer, Soldier, Hanzo, Sombra (to name a few) can fire at double if not more the range of Reinhardt or Winston- while also doing far more damage per second.

The only one I’ll let you have here is Hammond. Tracer has unprecedented sustained mobility (in the DPS roster), which is also burst mobility. Pharah and Genji also have amazing vertical mobility.

Winston does little damage with his, excluding environmental kills. Zarya’s I understand. Reinhardt and D.Va I understand but they’re extremely easily countered.

Mei has one of the best offensive ults in the whole game if you don’t include the fact she’s literally countered by EVERYTHING.

Bonus Points

  • 2x (minimum) smaller hitboxes & critboxes on DPS, compared to Tanks.
  • Less utility, much more killing potential on DPS.
  • GOATs is entirely caused by utility stacking, not heals nor damage. Utility is given to Tanks and Off Supports because they’re not as deadly in the average game, especially not alone.


Range, constant mobility, utility, raw damage (mostly down to range; a lot of the tanking we have in OW is moreso meant as a deterrent through threat of damage than DPS to kill) small hitboxes, many have escape/engage tools thjat are far easier to manage (tracer being the exception, but she brings so much more to the table and that lack of ease actually makes her stronger) etc etc


I don’t believe you honestly think that…


Don’t burst my bubble; I wanna be a DPS Reinhardt main. ;(


eyecandy, duh.
have you /seen/ mccree? tell me a tank has that amount of southern charm.


You mean his lifeguard skin too?


So then they’re toxic DPS just temporarily playing Tank.


I’m starting to wonder. I’ve always felt tanks were a bit cheap and OP, but was assured they weren’t. But now, the pros have just given up on DPS entirely, and it really makes me think “Hey! Maybe the things that do 2/3 the damage of DPS with 3x the health really were just overpowered all along!”


One shot kills.


??? How in the world does DVa negate range lmao. DM doesn’t last that long and has a 2 second CD when used, in addition to the fact it has a resource meter.

DPS also generally have higher damage than tanks, in addition to the range. You need to be close to deal reliable damage as tank heroes (the only real exception right now being zarya, whose beam is actually longer than sym’s while dealing more damage on average)


And the great crowd control comes from tanks:
Earthshatter, Grav, Chainhook.


Ult ult and yeah hook is good