What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


:joy: Well the inevitable Roadhog response came way faster than I anticipated.


Hey, another poorly-disguised Rein/Zarya nerf thread from Mitrovarr. What a surprise.


Dps players provide someone to blame when the match goes wrong.


Mitrovarr is the best at making these kind of threads. In fact he’s downright unbeatable at it. In fact, you could go as far as to say that he’s the GOATS of making threads like this.


They provide finishers.

Most DPS have an ability that does a lot of burst damage.


Mobility and range in the same kit


Healer to DPS: would you please @$&#ing kill something?!

Soldier looks at enemy Rein receiving 144 HPS from Ana and Mercy while standing behind 2000 HP barrier.

Soldier: um…no. I actually can’t. It’s literally a mathematical impossibility.



You had me up till about here. Rein and Zarya’s ults are almost exclusively CC oriented, and their actual impact is based on the follow up damage, regardless of the source. Dva’s ult is also very unreliable in this regard, especially compared to some DPS ults like Rip Tire, and categorizing Winston’s ult as a “Good Offensive Ult” is almost laughable as it’s only real use is zoning, and kill potential is almost non-existent without an environmental hazard nearby.

Rein is literally the only tank with one-shot potential outside of an ultimate, and it’s VERY unreliable. As far as the ultimates go, Dva and WB both have zoning ults than can one-shot, but they can be unreliable as well.

Overall, I generally agree that the power creep in other roles is negatively affecting the DPS category. That said, I feel that the problem is more with Blizzard constantly flip-flopping their balance and design philosophy rather than tanks being inherently over-powered.


The best is when they say, “our Widow has not gotten one pick” and the killfeed literally has you in it. And then they are like, “oh, Widows first kill.” Happens to me a lot and very rarely is it my first kill. Lul.


Would be great if pressing tab allowed you to see EVERYONE’S stats on your team. Could cure a lot of ignorance and unwarranted team blaming.


Try playing Orisa as a dps without a big bag of QP magic.


They offer space creation through large health pools without insta-dying, how about that.




Cries for healing and complaints about having any gold medal on the losing team.


For the most part it’s either range of sheer power, and only two tanks can compete for those categories.

I still only think Zarya for sure does too much damage, the rest are situational. And D.va would definitely need a compensation buff if they took her damage now.


Ok listen dude: How you will feel if you KNOW 1 week before of the game was released Jeff&company were NOT SURE ABOUT THE ROLES ON THE GAME -_-…

The only two REAL-TANKS are rein-orisa the others are just FAT-DPS with some mitigation tools

Dva, Winston, Hammond, Zarya provide more DPS than a real damage character having a lot more survavility lol

DVA can destroy any 200 hp hero in 2 seconds
Winston can counter any 200 HP hero in 3.5 seconds
Zarya can zerg in 1.2 secs a 200 hp hero when she is charged
Hammond can put on the air a 200 hp hero then kill him before the DPS hero even TOUCH the floor


Problem? It’s a team game.


If 80% of the game’s heroes are useless, that is indeed a problem.

Hero synergies can’t be so great that all other heroes are just made useless.


DPS are being independent, so it’s their issue.

And Blizzard carefully removed almost all ways to increase health, so you can’t negate inherent downside of DPS - relatively low health. But you can negate tank’s downside of not very high damage, by discord/damage boost/nanoboost. Low mobility? Speedboost them, and it’s solved.

This thread could be named “What downsides DPS have, that can’t be compensated by healers?”


The problem is that DPS largely have no upside, with the possible exception of range which Dva negates anyway.