What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


Not really, it’s just a little bigger than some of the larger DPS like Reaper and Bastion.


Tbh it seems to be range and evasion (from their smaller hitboxes) but we all know that doesnt really matter in practice


D.Va/Roadhog instalock after the first fight, that they spent flying/waddling into the enemy team and dying instantly: “i have gold damage wtf are u doing”


“DPS flexing under “play tank or lose” pressure.”

That’s me :slight_smile:


Damage Heroes typically have a combination of:

-The ability to Engage/Disengage the enemy with high mobility or speed.

-High Damage/Damage-Per-Second on their primary Weapon/Abilities. Securing a kill with one to two shots, or generally having a very low TTK.

-Abilities that directly damage or facilitate the dealing of Damage.


Hybrid Heroes like Roadhog, Ana, Hammond, Moira, or Orisa aren’t comparable in one or more of these categories.


Nobody went Tank to secure a kill.


Let’s just mash all the DPS together and make a mega-tank. Then there’s no meta. Just play MegaTank.


Good dvas get a lot of kills with it in the OWL tbh


Ayyy great minds. :man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_teacher::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student::man_student:


Sure they did. Dva? Winston? Roadhog?


They been wrongfully nerfed because of non fps players crying in the forums wanting to turn this game further into a non fps game.
Even though this game is an FPS game first and foremost with some MOBA type elements.
It’s silly to me people want to punish others for having mechanical skill and aim in OW.


Massively higher DPS?


I know you aren’t really looking for an actual answer since this is mostly anecdotal. But dps tend to be a lot more independent to tanks and have major playmaking potential on their own.

The problem right now is that they are being outshined due to tanks and healer coordinating to remove their inherent downsides.


Rein needs damage nerfs. Zarya needs her energy drain buff reverted.

Dva needs a DM rework.

I talked about Rein and Zarya nerfs, but I feel Winston and Orisa are fine. Both have sustained damage, but very low damage, and that feels like a fine tradeoff.

And in the case of Hammond and Winston, it’s fine. It’s Dva and her DM that make her a versatile nat.

Plus there are DPS who have mobility.


Imagine if DPS had these kinds of ults, the tables would be turned and DPS would be the problematic heros.

I think Shatter and Grav are fine, but it’s the other aspects of their kits that make them too well-rounded, like their damage. Damage should NEVER surpass DPS, because then DPS become moot. That’s exactly what we see in GOATS.


She is projectile based and has rather low damage. Plus, it rewards aim. Which can’t be said about Rein. Zarya also needs good aim, but they dumbed her down by making her lose less energy, which allows braindead and bad Zaryas the ability to keep misuing bubbles and maintain high DPS, and mow through the enemy carrying her team.


To be fair I don’t think tanks should have none of those things.

Taking away tank burst damage would probably be enough.



Rein: 65 damage per hammer swing (puts him more inline with Winston). 200 damage per charge (makes his counters better against him)

Zarya: Energy drain buff reverted

Dva: DM reworked so it’s not a box of nope.


DPS provide damage ults that combine well with CC ults like Shatter, Grav, etc.

Think of last OWL Season when you’d see Grav + Dragon combos all day.


Let’s see…

  • more headshots
  • a bot boi that can break through shields
  • scopes
  • BOB
  • a sword that does a lot of choppity chops
  • a dragon the size of a bus
  • explosives
  • freezi boi
  • invisible and invincible edge lords
  • aimbot lol
  • two women (and an edge lord) that don’t want any of this and teleport away
  • WÄLŁ
  • little zappy friends
  • small boom boom friend that might be more than that
  • molten nut
  • zippity zappity lesbian

Those are just a few


The DPS are sexier than the tanks.


But Roadhog :hot_face: