What do DPS provide that Tanks don't?


A lot of good crowd control comes from dps.
Sombra, Mei, Doomfist.
None tank has good range. Orisa is a projectile with isn’t that high dps, so it doesn’t mean anything, especially if we take Hanzo, Widow, McCree, Ashe or even Soldier.


The dps does mots of that at once.

Also outside of rein and zarya, the rest of the tanks are in a bad spot.


I think it’s just because most of the other tanks can’t compete with Rein and Zarya.


They are better at getting in or taking targets out from range. Tanks have damage but viable dps get elims.

Think Widow, Hanzo, and Tracer.


They provide a class that 96% of the player base wants to play.


Good defensive ultimates: Photon Barrier, Molten Core, BOB
Good area-denial: Junkrat, Mei, Torbjörn.


Good Boi B.O.B.


Sombra’s not brought for DPS. She’s brought because EMP is a team wipe and hacking Rein or Dva is great.


The problem is they don’t need range in this game.


Tanks can be toxic… What?

DPS players that i come across are way more toxic


dps provide lose condition ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). but seriously they need something unique, like abilities tanks wont have, like wall climb. thats worth. i dont want them to nerf the tanks but to buff the dps in general.

and get rid of miss goats enabler brig…make her an actual healer, not to have that much pressure. or simply enforce the 2 2 2


The amount of tanks I’ve seen whine about having medals “when they shouldn’t” is too many to keep track of.


Because tanks are essentially dps, just with more hp


Witty banter.


A smaller hit box that will not feed the opposing team’s ults…


They can do their job without healer resources. Tanks require healers to do their job, while many DPS heroes can do their job with wayyy less resources consumed.


There is one tank who has that - Zarya.


Nerf-Rein-guy strikes again. :yum:


Zarya has a very big hitbox though.


They provide good a reliant ranged damage.

And come on :

You don’t even believe yourself when you’re saying that.

DPS are providing : reliable oneshot mechanics. Except full charged Zarya, no tank can DPS as consistantly as a DPS can do. DPS have a better mobility/DPS ratio.
Well when you look about it. When it comes to make damage, most of the DPS roster is a way better option than any tank.

Stop lying to yourself, if you think tanks are better DPS than DPS themselves, you just don’t understand anything about the game.