What direction should they take Roadhog?


Ever since his old damage rework he’s been half a DPS and half a Tank. Meaning if you play him as a tank there are other options that have way more utility, and if you play him as a DPS there are others that just deal more damage.

Where do you think he should go?
Should they make his DPS-ing better, like for example reverting his damage rework, or give him a passive that increases his damage the lower his health.
Or should they continue making him tankier, like for example take the 50% damage reduction take a breather gives him and apply it to his ult, or even his hook, or give him a passive making him take less damage.

Or do you have your own ideas?
Tell me.


I honestly feel like Roadhog is in the right power level for heroes in this game. The only thing he should have is some kind of feeding mitigation