What did I pay for?

Paid like $40 thinking I was buying O2… then come to find out it’s f2p so I’m like okay I paid to support the game… meanwhile can’t even play and the game is terrible.

We paid like 2 months early for a battle pass we can’t even rank up because this game is a joke. It’s literally theft.


SO hows about we address the issue. Why cant you play?

Reminder to read product details before you spend money

You paid for: 2,000 Overwatch Coins
Season 1 Battle Pass
Space Raider Cassidy and Soldier: 76 skins
And a player icon I think?

The game is undergoing two different updates today to address all of the problems people have been having, so hopefully you’ll actually be able to play later!


Yea for the next time, dont preorder and inform yourself

Did you not see the 50 ads with the words bolded



Because Overwatches system is a joke. Sitting in a que from 40k down to 50 over the span of 4 hours just to get disconnected. Halfway through first game “unexpected server error disconnected and back into a 40k que the next day.” Thought I’ll wise up and log in early today, sat in a 20k que and “could not connect error pops up” returns to que THREE TIMES TODAY and now we are in maintenance so lets see… I cannot play because Blizzard can’t seem to figure out how to run a server.