What could they do to summer games to change it like the archives

For the archives event, they changed the gamemodes and added extra challenges. What could they do for lucioball to actually make it entertaining… cuz its not too fun.

Make hammond the ball


Make BOB the referee.

Well we’ve seen for overwatch 2 they have little pickups that can be used. So it would be fun to have those one day to change the way the game works. Make it feel like Lucio Mario kart and rocket league all at once.

The Floor is Lava: Lúcios can be on the floor for just a few seconds before starting to burn to death.

Boostioball: All players have a significant speed increase akin to his ult.

Triple Threat: There are three balls on the field and the round ends when all three are scored.

Foosball: The ball and none of the players can go off the ground.

They actually did do that since the last SG.


This is just not true.

Was hammond playable?

he’s playable in custom games right now. he can grapple himself

Ooo. Maybe make him playable in actual lucio ball?

First they should stop abusing Hammond.

Like with most arcade/seasonal modes…just treat it like a real mode?

Introduce new maps that take Lucio’s kit into consideration, put boosts/things on the map, refine the rules/mechanics

Just some actual love and attention. Or if they really care, make it less of a fútbol parody and more of a Lucio game mode.