What are your thoughts on the Brigitte changes?

Being serious, as a fellow Rein main Brig was fine after the first nerf

Rein is perfectly fine. Blame Ana and Brigitte for having too much burst healing.

It’s the entire reason soldier and orisa suck right now, because only instant burst damage matters.

Ana doesn’t shoulder nearly as much of the blame as she should.

She’s basically Hanzo 2.0 levels of power, only nobody cares because she doesn’t have a reliable stun.

Like, yay for Rein players, but now Orisa is further outclassed.

She really ahould be buffed. Rein is already much better than she is, even against comps she should be better than him at.

This nerf is fine. She is too strong for a support character. Rein fights shouldn’t be decided on a stun. Mind games are what made 1v1s fun.

Okay, so it nerfs 1v1 Brig battles. And nothing else.

Terrible idea. Scrap it entirely.