What are your thoughts on the Brigitte changes?

God l can see it now “we need a rein” spammed in team chat even more than it normally does!


Let me show you how disingenuous you are being. It is real easy to paint something in a light that makes it sound MUCH better then what it is. Wanna know how? Of course you don’t! You already know!

Its leaving out all the downsides a character has!

  • Limited to melee range
  • Can only target one enemy
  • Dependent on shield not being broken
  • Requires follow up from your team against any hero with 201HP and above

You hate shield bash. Otherwise you would actually list downsides as well. Its not busted. Its easy to see coming and prevent.

Have a good day.

True, I will give you that.

Both D.Va bomb and Riptire are powerful enough to wipe party without damage boost.

Someday, tickles. Someday.

IYKWIM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love ya Kucing! :stuck_out_tongue:

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it will make her underpowered and i think the constant nerf to a balanced hero is bad…

people need to realize unfun=/=op

also it isnt what the game needs and i hate brigit as a dva player

It puts her in the place to serve her original purpose so the right change. People are complaining that its inconsistent towards melee damage BUT its an ability first, standard melee is not affected so the complaints aren’t really justified. She’s still at the same power level.

Rein is the only player that will directly benefit from this change but the ripples will be felt thoughtout the roster. Brig’s pick rate will plummet, so Genji, Tracer, and Doom will rise again because their main counter will be practically useless.

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BTC says it better than I do.

I agree with everything he says in this video (and I don’t always agree with him).

It’d be cool if we stopped listening to people who cry that any hero that requires more fast-twitch muscle fiber should always win over characters that require less.

Brig is fine. Pros need to learn to play around her.

I agree with you 100% but that’s not gonna happen. What surprises me the most in the end is that the pros didn’t force the devs to nerf Brig earlier.

Maybe they didn’t want to make it look as obvious as Sombra’s nerf, two weeks after she got a good buff (and that annoyed a lot of pro players). But here we are, Brigitte is nerfed. Who’s next ?

I actually brought that up in another thread, it’s like that dragon strike damage boost nerf all over again, that’s another inconsistency right there.

They shouldn’t bend the rules of the game whenever it pleases them, if they want to nerf brigitte then they can at least keep the nerfs consistent with the rules of the game instead of exceptions without reason.

If we listened to only Pros and forum whiners the game would basically just be cartoon counterstrike. Pros and GM+ would be like 200 brain-damaged weirdos deep in the spectrum playing Quake 3 with Overwatch skins, and everything under that would be people blindly flailing at eachother because you have to be mainlining adderall or be so far into the spectrum you’re on mars in order to play at a high degree of “skill”.

This is a game played by millions of people, 99% of which play at very average or below level. Making “low skill” heroes suck and “high skill” heroes have an impossible skill floor so they’re only effective for people who play sitting on a chamberpot is nonsense.

Someone tell Effect to go take a bath.


Rather than just looking at it only from a balance perspective, the other reason why the dev is doing this due to the drought of Tanks player, resulting a majority of games to have 4-5 DPS because no one wants to play tank anymore.

From this perspective, it does make sense.

Then they can make shield bash do something else besides stun, there’s all sorts of other ways to delete her which i believe this inconsistent nerf will also do, in general brigitte doesn’t need nerfs and this nerf is only in relation to reinhardt anyways.

Here’s another example of what a inconsistent nerf is, you know how people complain about pharamercy on console or in general, it would be like letting mercy guardian angel to everyone but pharah as a fix to that problem.

That’s just bad balance.

If they need to buff her down the line that is fine, but this is how shield bash should have worked all along.

pros wanted tracer and dive tanks nerfed which, unsurprisingly, would’ve been really beneficial to the game’s health

instead we just got the lazy sledgehammer approach via brigitte who bandaid fixes the many balance problems this game has and ended up hurting a lot of heroes in the process

As a Brigitte player I don’t mind. It’s a fair change and won’t “ruin her” like some people think.

A lot of Brigitte mains are as stick up as the people who are against her, it’s kinda bad. Not willing to get a nerf or change because they think Tracer will instantly dominate again.

Brigitte wasn’t supposed to be a Rein counter, that was an unfortunate side effect of her bash being melee and this going through sheilds. This is ok.

True :confused: ! I think the community has forgotten Overwatch wasn’t supposed to be a pure FPS game. What I liked about the game is that it had so many possibilities in terms of gameplay (aim - no aim heroes, healers, tanks etc…).

I was naive to think it would please everyone to have so many choices… and it became some sort of competition among the players between “skilled” and “unskilled” heroes, even though I don’t think such a think exists.

I’m really sad when I look back at the game, it lost so much because of the community’s bad behaviour.

If I wanna be all about the aiming skill etc… there are other games for this (without healers and tanks). Overwatch is not supposed to be all about the dps.

True but she is supposed to be a dive counter and i think a monkey with a entire shield bubble is going to negate her as that.

They could have just made it so reinhardt doesn’t drop his shield when stunned instead of the inconsistency of a melee ability not going through shields.