What Are You Most Worrried About?

I wonder if you could try something new with doom.
Allow him to give shields to his allies upon using his abilities (so basically team wide best defense)


These types of shields actually are more effective against BURST damage.

Maybe that could work.

Getting my final suspension? The permanent one?

I was promised I will get one next time :roll_eyes:

Just like others have said, I’m really, really worried about how OW2 will ba balanced…

I simply don’t have any trust left in the devs in that regard and if they mess up again, almost all of OW2’s improvements (such as 5v5, upcoming reworks for badly - designed heroes, etc.), which all sound great on paper, will unfairly, but still practically go to waste.

It happened with the Symmetra 3.0 rework, I’m counting the days 'till it happens again.

I’m most worried about 2 different things. The people taking my words of advice and aid as stupid and idiotic, which I believe has happened in the past quite the number of times. 2nd would be simply being cauteous that I don’t get in trouble with some of the things I’ve said be4 in the forums. Sometimes I say things that is directly harsh or super bold and I have no clue if I take my steps too far sometimes when I’m trying to bring my point out. I’m not trying to be a jerk by any means. I’m just simply trying to help. A lot of the time, I persume that I’m fine, but honestly, I have no clue.

There’s even been a time where I violated the Code of Conduct once (this was the 1 time where I knew I was not ok), got punished by not talking in the forums for 3 days or something related to that cause I spread my belief of Valentines Day too far and harsh, and would prefer to try avoid getting into trouble again, so partly cause of that experience and sorta my own personal mind being super careful and concerned at times when I speak on the forums. (Right now, I’m unsure if I’m gonna be in trouble from telling u my experience I went through Being banned from talking in forums for 3 days, so hope I can walk home free)

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Yeah… when they announced 5v5 my expectations for OW2 dropped quite a lot.

I simply can’t see how this could possibly end well :weary:

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I mean, I got a pretty decent idea how to do it.


  1. Make D.va/Zarya/Hog almost into barrier tanks, who can block Earthshatter
  2. Make Hammond into a DPS
  3. Nerf snipers
  4. Remove ranged Tank busters, that aren’t named Bastion
  5. Nerf AntiHeal

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

Ironically, about nothing, despite having multiple rule violations here for a bit rude language.

More curious, as to how devs will break Overwatch 2, because most likely it will start good and then crumble.

I’m worried that this game is never going to be back to being overwatch.

I want actual overwatch back, the overwatch that had interesting and new ideas.

  • I’m worried that the development of OW2 will take a looooooooong time
  • I’m worried about my friends quitting the game so I have to play alone
  • I’m worried about OW2 disappointing my expectations
  • I’m worried that no one reads this detailed post I made with a lot of work and love trying to make OW a greater game:
    [Please Read] Quality of Life Updates / A nitpicking thread

Worried about characters losing their individual identities in OW2.

Off tanks and main tanks will both have to change a lot in order to make 1 tank on a team practical, meaning that many of them will not only lose awesome synergy opportunities with other heroes but will also have to become more alike to one another than different.

Class-wide passives like passive healing for all supports makes each character in that class lose a by of what makes them unique. Ana, for example, has strong skills that are well-balanced because she doesn’t have an easy way to escape and heal herself… But instead of having to find a health pack and try to survive she can just round a corner and wait to passive heal.

Other games I have loved have gone this route of taking away individuality from characters/classes and it had always ruined the experience for me.

My health and sanity

i’m worried that snipers will still be oppressive in OW2 and that there will still be too much burst damage.

That every character I like will be unplayable because a small portion of crybabies don’t understand counters

I’m worried that the story mode might be too short or just meh. Also kind of worried about OW’s state in general. I don’t think it will be able to last until OW 2 comes out because from what the devs have showed us, they still aren’t sure about some of the changes they are making to the game. This just shows that it is a long ways off. As most people probably are, I’m worried that they won’t make any changes to how cross-play works. For example, allowing opt out for PC players and allowing aim assist for console players who play with PC just to name a couple.

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They are terrible at balancing current Overwatch lol. How do you expert this team to balance basically a whole different game style

I’m worried that tanks will be made non-functional.

I’m worried that brig will never have improved survivability.

Yeah and it’s not even that impressive

Yeah. During the PvP livestream, I was hyped up and ready to play. After the livestream, I went on with my business and kind of forgot OW 2 existed since there are other games coming out this year that I’m excited for. (Skyward Sword HD, Battlefield 2042, Back 4 Blood, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Guardians of the Galaxy.) Basically everything talked about during E3 brought me to forget about OW 2 since it probably won’t come out until 2023-2025. (Just a guess based on what it feels like they’ve accomplished and showed off during said livestream.)

I mean the enemy animations look good HAVE SOME GD FAITH ARTHUR BELIEVE IN ME! Stay. With. ME!

Overwatch 2 being 5v5