What Are You Most Worrried About?

Mostly just 5v5. I cannot picture it being any better than 6v6.

I worry One Punch Man will be meta.

I wouldn’t worry too much. The main issue solo tanks would face is probably cc and the devs have made it clear this is one of their priorities.

Worrying anyways.

Figured out some key roadblocking issues so far.

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The main issue I see rn is the maps. If tanks are reworked to be more like brawlers then you can’t really have these maps with only one narrow choke. I know 2CP is being removed so things like Hanamura won’t be an issue but even fan favorite maps like Kings Row might have to be reworked.

Well, if you’re curious where my head is at with things, I’m thinking it would be more like this. Using this post as my rough draft for a future post.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

  • The upcoming nerfs for Widow
  • The possible story of Widow
  • Boring PvE
  • MTX
  • Bad balance, more pressure on the tanks -> fewer tank players -> same queue times as livegame
  • The death of the game, what I’ve learned to love

I’m worried that OW2 will hide content behind paywalls and introduce Battle Passes. If that happens, I refuse to buy it. :v: :woozy_face:

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I’m worried we’ll never be able to pick data centers again :sob:

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I’m worried that the devs are gonna pull a 180 on the hitscan nerfs and give all of them four compensation buffs.

I’m worried about the devs listening to the forums for balancing suggestions. It keeps me up at night.

just worried a little that the 5v5 idea will drastically change a lot of heroes and will be constantly changing on the fly. lots of changes and unforseen outcomes. worried about the heroes i play but some say change can be a good thing

we will see

My main worry is that the existing content (like maps) are to different when compared to the new content. The new maps have a new take to their design in terms of level design, like sightlines, cover, etc. Not only that but visually they look way better. I’m sure they’ll update the existing maps graphically but I wonder how much things like their sightlines or pathing will be overhauled. Unless certain maps are expected to just become meat grinders with brutal sightlines and little cover natural or otherwise (remember, brawlers instead of maintanks) I don’t expect them to stay the way they are.

I’m not worried about them making it work, I just hope the necessary changes won’t kill the nostalgia factor of them all.

The anticheat is the most important thing…Doesnt matter how good the game is when its full of cheaters

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why didnt you just make doom?
it could be something like this maybe.

:white_check_mark: DOOMFIST

Because I would like to avoid the "high mobility tank that doesn’t have a barrier, and never sticks near their team, and is basically “hard throwing” anywhere below Masters.

Not to mention, how high mobility needs to be kept in check for Masters and Above. But without a ton of stuns.

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with his passive you would need to stick together to make it work

it could make for some really intresting dive comps

Sounds useless below Masters, and overpowered above Masters.

Also, notice how I moved Hammond to the DPS role. For largely the same reasons, given the lack of CC

i mean maybe
but it would make overwatch league a little intresting and i think thats all they really want at this point…

Worried about the OW 2 heroes just being a replication of brig, bap, sigma, ashe, doom, and just ruining the game by trying to make new heroes seem “cool” by doing it all or having mechanics people hate to play against

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