What are they doing to roadhog?

Glazed ham, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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I don’t want to speak for Roadhog mains, but if I recall, they wanted a bit more than just some animation changes, right?

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w…what? what’d i miss?

Jeff said there were roadhog changes planned for the PTR but it didn’t make it in because they required animation

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Still not funny. Stop trying

That was the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff said so on the latest “devs hate tanks” post.

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It’s a possibility, but I can’t imagine an unpolished reload anim could so severe as to delay the update entirely.

I suspect it might be related to the hook somehow.

Here you go.

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Maybe it’s a new passive ability

I’m hyping myself up for a cool animation for his gun that feels really satisfying and powerful, but it would have to shoot a little slower to make that work…

So to balance that I’d say probably decreasing his rate of fire for the sake of the new animation would make sense, then dropping the ammo cap to 4 and buffing the damage to equate to around the same DPS he was already doing… just for the animation and for no other reason, really.

Honestly, if this new animation is implemented just like that I don’t think it would have any real implications, best not to think about it. Just put it in and delete all threads pertaining to roadhogs animation change on the forums afterwards :sunny:

They might make the initiation time of hook a faster speed which would be cool. Who knows

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Developer update; Roadhog now has two hooks. His hook now has two functions, his old normal hook and a secondary fire where he can attach it to walls and use it for mobility similar to widows grappling hook.




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They’re gonna animate the hook bending behind walls, then give him his old hook back and call it intended :+1:

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i still think it might be an AOE heal but hard to tell they wont buff his damage and i doubt they will touch his hook

They did say he was just getting tuning/balance changes. They also said he needed animation work.

My guess is a higher rate of fire, because his current animation already looks silly, let alone how it would look if it was improved. I don’t think it’s going to be a new ability, because that’s not “tuning/balance changes”.

i hope if he gets a higher rate of fire that he gets 1 extra shot in his gun, so much time spent reloading already with hog

Honestly I don’t even like the idea of him getting higher RoF, that just seems the most sensible to me given the information we have. If he does, I hope to god he gets more ammo.

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I know what you mean but i agree he doesnt need to shoot faster