📺 What are some Shows you have been watching?

Brooklyn 99, New Girl, Community, Blackish, Being Mary Jane, and I plan to start watching Atlanta soon.

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I’m pretty much just watching Camp Camp right now and honestly I think I’m gonna watch it again when I’m done.

Also Nico is best lovelive.

Reds vs blues. I haven’t laughed so much in years.

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Not much for shows. My staples are just Stranger Things, GoT, Preacher, WD/FtWD, AHS, The Terror, and…hmm, think that’s about it.

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(Guillermo De Torro is slowly becoming one of my favorite writers…)

The IT Crowd
The Shanara Chronicle

You can never go wrong with IT crowd. Too bad the creator is an absolute horrible human being.

If you like IT Crowd i would suggest Father Ted, Black Books, or Fawlty Towers.

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How To Get Away With Murder is decent, but I feel like the plot is controlled by too many instances of “I’m not telling you this important detail to protect you”, since that has happened at least six times.

The shortlived reactions to some characters regarding some murders is pretty unrealistic.


I’m surprised they killed off Wes, who was arguably second to Analise in prominence. They actually didn’t kill off the gay characters (though they certainly baited it at the wedding) and I hope they actually subvert such a tired trope and give them a happy ending.

I’ve recently finished off Black Mirror, Castlevania, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Parasyte.
I’m currently re-watching Heroes because god damn that series was cool (the first series at least) and i’m also watching My Hero Academia.


The Last Kingdom, has surpassed GoT and Vikings in my opinion

i like my zombie shows to have a bit of self-awareness and humor in it so Zombieland Saga has been fun

i’m still waiting for the movie : (

The only thing I’m watching soon is the Season 7 Clone Wars Show. I remember seeing some episodes when I was 17.

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I cannot get into the new version of Ducktales. I really do wish they’d just leave well enough alone. They could’ve kept the original theme song at least.

Lately i’ve been watching full metal panic, i don’t really keep up with current anime, i usually just watch what i feel like at the moment instead of things from the current anime season, i could recommend you some good anime if you want.

I don’t really watch live action shows anymore because nothing really interests me, the last live action related show i watched was ether legion or dirk gently’s holistic detective agency, one of them is canceled and the other one goes into hibernation for awhile after every season.

Beyond that i find everything else meh because above all else in media i like interesting/good characters and character development, sadly that doesn’t really exist in the realm of current shows.

For my favorite live action series i think it would be life on mars.

Shows nowadays think that escaping reality is foolish and how every scenario and character needs to feel relatable and real. On top of this… forced politics in EVERYTHING. Like, when I watch Star Wars, I want a space adventure not a 5 minute rant on Capitalism.

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Three words:
Three more words:

silly americans, the best game show of all time is obviously takeshi’s castle

But does Takeshi’s Castle have VANNA WHITE?!

just finished watching futurama now im rewatching the early seasons of the office.

Remembers Takeshi’s Challenge: “God help us all”