What are Blizz hiding with matchmaking system rating?

Why are they not showing us the rating that they use. The one they hide that they use for the matchmaking ? Stop hiding things like you did in the past.

Also, why are we punished more for a lost than rewarded for a win. When we win a game in a any sport we win more point than we lose and it feel way better. Lose 2 or 3 games (depending of the sport) and win 1 to get even but in gaming you need 2 win to even a lost… why? It feel so bad. They used that system in the past and I bet they still are and its worst now that’s why they hide everything. The criteria of the MM must be against us so bad. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how it look and feel.
What are you afraid to let us know ?

Don’t keep everything behind the curtain as you always did Blizz. That show us that there’s something to hide and its always ugly.


they hide it, because they don´t want that player can exploit it. Its common practice in the industry, some tell more, some less.

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Hiding doesn’t prevent people from exploiting. It makes it less likely sure, but not :100: % preventable.

You know what’s :100:? A fair and open system.

Just thinking out loud, they don’t even like “random”. Something that could be rng they would rather leverage some stat… probably during team balancing


The “official” excuse is that the devs want players to not focus on anything other than winning for climbing the ladder. The reality is the game has been in so-called “early access” and technically still is, which is another way of saying we are all unpaid testers for Blizzard’s most aggressively monetized game ever.

Now for the “fun” explanation: the ranked system is awful and riddled with bugs. Matchmaking has been rebuilt to speed up queue times at the obvious expense of lobby quality. Then you have the awful game balance that makes it very hard to play most characters in the DPS and Tank roles in an effective way. Add to that a more aggressive anti-Smurf boosting algorithm that tries to weed out Smurfs but manages to also create alternating win streaks and loss streaks for normal players…and you can see why Blizzard isn’t so proud of actually peeling back the absolute banana they made after years of leaving the game in the toilet. I should also mention that the anti-cheat is like an open door for most cheats, so there can’t really be any talk about “competitive integrity” when referring to Overwatch 2.

As a side note, streamers doing unranked to GM exploit the simple fact that new accounts are being treated in a special way to improve player retention and trigger spending on shop items or the battle pass. Just try it, you’ll see your experience will be infinitely better on a new account than one with 2K hours on it. It won’t last forever(but then again unranked to GMs usually last a few hours), and you’ll feel the transition where the game will stop treating you like an important potential customer. Your matches will suddenly become stomps with no meaning, and you’ll be put in lobbies with people who have equipped legendary or mythic skins from the current or previous battle pass or the store. It’s designed to nudge you ever so slightly towards swiping your credit card, as Overwatch 2, as Aaron Keller said recently, was mainly a shop update and a format change, for that sweet live service constant revenue stream, which requires fast queues and simplified gameplay hence the format change. Free to play brings average player quality down, but profits are much higher than what can usually be achieved with an up-front price on the base game.

If you don’t know how the system works then how do you know this is true?