What an interesting hypothesis: Creator Experimental Card and Creator Cup

  • Roadhog is now garbage
  • Zarya is broken af
  • Genji has infinite jump
  • Tracer is broken
  • Ana self-nanoes most of the times - extremely detrimental
  • The gravity of every hero is messed up… allowing bigger jumps
  • Zarya Dva bounced me to the wall 4 times in a row

OH OH dont forget the blanket buff to all ranged hitscans!!!

emong, fitzy and ml7 could be cool for a future card

also my only issues with this card are:

  • mercy’s “heal meter” drains even if you aren’t latched on to anyone but are pressing down the heal button
  • mei and echo got no changes, echo makes sense since she gets everyone elses changes with her ult but not mei.
  • some changes like sym’s doesn’t feel different in a fun way and doesn’t really add anything unique to the character.

Some changes like the rein shield block in kill feed, hook damage increase, zarya min damage increase, ashe scope in movespeed, bastion recon bullet spread, doom ult speed (but not that much), storm arrow ricochet, total mayhem more bombs, soldier sprint reload, recall blink recharge reset, widow primary buff, sleep target kill reset, baptiste self heal, moira fade clense (if nerfed slightly) among others could be cool changes to make the characters feel more fun while not overly breaking them if other balancing is done to keep some of them more balanced. overall a fun experimental.

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Please focus on fixing the game instead of trying to please few who doesn’t even represent the community,


We’re continuing to communicate feedback to the development team about game balance and the live service.

I do understand where your frustration comes from. We’re going to continue to explore ways to keep the live game fresh and vibrant, while having minimal impact on the work that T4 is doing towards the future of Overwatch. Experimental Cards are a great tool to introduce variety and different twists on the game in a relatively low risk manner.

Content Creators are players of the game. The easiest thing to do is to lump them all together as some ubiquitous entity but that does a disservice to the individuals who dedicate a large portion of their lives, and in many cases livelihoods, to their audience and the OW community. Their reasons for creating content, and their motivations when playing Overwatch are as varied as all of yours.

I do understand that some folks here on the forums have a negative perception of this segment of the community, so I respectfully ask that you try to avoid vast generalizations when speaking about these individuals.


Yeah but I don’t get to have my own experimental dedicated to me for the entire playerbase to see.

Anyway, my point is, if you want to win the community over, you will have to start making stuff for it.



prominent members of the community seems like a reasonable starting point for picking guest balancers for a throwaway meme patch

the forums is not the entire community

The content creators are even smaller % of the community. What is your point?


content creators tend to have an audience of people who view their content

Yeah but they are the ones pulling the strings currently not the ppl who watch it.

in the case of flats im one of the ppl who watch it and i think this patch is a fun novelty

this is due to enjoying most of the changes and also knowing he is responsible

I think it’s genuinely just a timing thing. If we were getting semi-frequent balance updates, and like, the low end of acceptable content for a live-service game from a “AAA” developer (we’re far below that), I don’t think we would have even a fraction of the complaints.

The timing, to me, shows how out-of-touch y’all are with the fanbase sometimes. I know it’s not malicious but it’s kind of not excusable anymore.


I won’t hide the fact that we have a different kind of relationship with content creators that we have with the forums. Both Jodie and I spend an equal amount of time managing relationships with current and former OW content creators as I (and soon Jodie) do here on the forums (oftentimes more here, depending on the week).

Each part of the community has different needs, and those needs are addressed in different ways. When it comes to creators, we treat and view them as valued partners in community building. They’re player advocates (to a surprising degree), community evangelists, and some of our most stringent critics. In some cases, their platform is significantly larger than the average player. In the case of the vast majority of creators, they have less notoriety and recognition within our community than you, HANA (I’ve quoted, responded to, and interacted with you more than once in the last few months, something that the majority of creators don’t have the same opportunity for).

On a personal level, I’d love to see a world where the forums understand that Twitch, Youtube, whatever social platform, are all a part of the broader OW community. I believe you all have much more in common than otherwise.


i think its worth noting that reddit and youtube audiences seem to have taken the news astronomically better than forums

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I get it.

The community team goals include hosting regular, consistent, community events. It’s a bit too early to wave the flag of success (we’ll be measuring overall impact in an internal retro), but early indicators about this ExC have been positive, with a significant amount of feedback from creators and core players alike feel that it’s a welcome update that makes the game feel more vibrant than it has in awhile.

We’re going to continue to push forward with community events, without significantly impacting dev work.


The forums are always much more critical of us than the broader community. This likely has to do with the profile of player who tends to be more engaged on a platform like fora (hyper engaged, core fans), whereas the other platforms tend to be a bit less serious in nature.


And I appreciate that very much.

I think most of us do. It is just the amount of attention that we get for the past years is not as it used to be. There was hardly any communication from the dev’s side for years before you showed up.


This does breathe fresh air into the game but I think at this point everyone just wants the pvp updates that are going to be free anyways.

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This is discriminatory community management.

You’re literally word-for-word discriminating based on content produced, fame, clout, elitism. If you don’t produce content, aren’t efamous, you have a different “set of needs”. Basically, needs the dev team doesn’t care about. You won’t be whitelisted, your opinion will count for less, and you won’t receive the same preferential treatment.

You won’t get a ladder reset. You won’t get smurf management. You won’t get anti-rigging guarantees. You’ll just get…Flats, making fun of neurodiversity…again, for clicks. Him and the same discord echo chamber are all getting beta keys and the 99% rest of us aren’t.

What a joke. These people don’t live/deal/interact with the live service like the rest of us. I know for a fact I have more hours logged in this GaaS than Flats, and while he was parked away in the clouts seeing 1% of the game, myself and others were trying to improve things with boots on the ground, using official channels (forums), being advocates for change, and using objective, opinion-free language to quantify integrity objectives and balance breakpoints for the GaaS ecosystem.

Still nothing managed. Managing 1% of the community with perks isn’t community management. Next?