What about the Bulgarian flag in-game?


Are we gonna get the Bulgarian flag soon or later?Im sure this is wanted from a lot of players right?I cant be the only Bulgarian here…or my country doesnt want it in the game ;-;


What about Poland?
Poland was one of the flags that was supposed to be in the game in this event, it’s even on the site, yet it’s not in the game???


Poland’s flag had to be taken out of the event at the behest of Blizzard’s EU legal team.


Jeff has specifically said that they would add every Nation’s flag however they have to have permission. The EU Legal team made Blizzard remove the Poland flag and many others.


All flags are dependent on Blizzard getting the rights to them, From what ive heard that the Australian flag nearly stressed out the legal team. Australian Flag Law is annoying complex


А Bulgarian here as well.

jeff has said that they want to add as many flags as possible as they can but there are legal issues on the way.


From the man himself.


They had some legal problems with the Poland goverment.


I think the main problem they’re gonna have (and also why we probably won’t see the Bulgarian flag in the game at all) is the requirement under the Bulgarian legislation for displaying the flag. The law requires that when the flag is used for commercial purposes, it must be presented in a 3 to 5 ratio. Overwatch player icons don’t have 3 to 5 ratio, they’re basically square. It’s not allowed to present the Bulgarian flag in the shape of a square.

To be honest, I’m not too bothered. I don’t see myself using it anyway.