What about DVA eating Transc and beat?


Pretty large glitches that I figured would be top priority.


Can you show proof of this happening, this sounds intriguing, also did you post a report about it in the bug report forums


Wasn’t me. And I can’t find the clip of her eating beat, I watch like… 5 different compilation channels… The clip was on Oasis, though.


It seems to be some kind of visual glitch with the kill feed more than actually eating trans, we can still see it going off in the same clip


You’re right, I can see that now too… Dunno why I didn’t see that, but the lucio one, beat just flat out didn’t happen. I wish I could find it, because now I just sound like an idiot. Lul.


It’s just a glitch on the kill feed, pretty sure she didn’t actually eat the Transc or the Beat.


Yeah I saw this too but the trans still happened, so she cant eat it. Just a feed bug no worries.


looks like internally the game spawn something to set up those ult,and they forgot to make them not eatable…