What about Avoid a Teammate Abuse?


With the avoid a teammate option likely to become a thing, what is going to happen to good players who get ganged up on by their teams? I have had many games where my entire team has ganged up on me because I’m a one trick in competitive and they think it’s my fault we lost. If this happens a few times, is my competitive experience going to get ruined simply because people don’t like that I’m great on D.Va and not great on other heroes?


If some people are toxic enough to gang up on you, they’ll do you a favour by avoiding you.
You won’t have to waste your avoids to block them.


Yes, you’ll be avoided. One Trick behaviors are despised, would you rather be falsely reported?


Yes but if I keep getting those people/teams my game’s going to be ruined. What happens then?


I don’t think that that many people will avoid you for playing D.Va.
Remember that there’s a ton of people playing. You’ll probably encounter less toxic people if what you say with these group avoids is true, since they will all just avoid you.


I’ve had multiple teams in a row that have been very toxic towards me. I know there’s a lot of people but I’m in low gm, there’s not many people and there’s very often you get quite a few games in a row with the same person/people


you can’t blame people if they dont want to play with you for whatever reason they chose…


Jeff did say that they’ll be monitoring queue times in GM.
They’ll tweak the system if it gets that bad.


I can blame people for being toxic towards me for no reason except for that they can


There are enough one tricks in game that it would be really rare for someone to use one of their 2 weekly slots for you.


you really can’t…what if all 11 people avoid you…and nobody said a word…none of them is being toxic…they chose to avoid you, and theres nothing for you to blame but yourself


I’m not talking about people that just avoid me for no reason. I’m talking about a team ganging up on me because they think I’m the reason we lost


same thing…it’s their choice if they want to play with you or not…


Are you saying it’s ok for people to be toxic and make the entire team not like one person and have the entire team avoid that person?


nobody in those situations is toxic…they just use a system thats in game to avoid a person…theres no need for a reason…


If they are being vocal about it, this can qualify as harassment. Report them for abusive chat, then mute them (or get out of chat if its everyone) and go back to play.


D.Va is a meta hero. I doubt that too many people will avoid you for being a D.Va onetrick until she is nerfed into the ground, which I don’t think that these changes will do. If they are doing this, then they are avoiding a meta pick.


or group up with friends
3 option: wainting 2hours to find a game


You’d be surprised. I get yelled at a lot because I have made my own style with 550 hours of experience and somehow it’s my fault we lost

I know how to play other heroes. 550 hours on D.Va makes it extremely hard to play other heroes in comp. Also comp is for playing with an entire team or knowing your own skills, not your friend’s skills


each person can only avoid 2 people