What about a human-turned-animal hero?

Before you say “Winston”, Winston was born a gorilla, not a human. Same as Hammond. I’m thinking more like The Lizard from Spider-Man, or the Worgen. Someone who is originally human, but gets their DNA spliced with an animal’s and becomes half-human, half-animal.

Would this be of interest, or too generic?

I would have said Roadhog for genetic mutations but I understand what you mean. but you know what? I do not exclude it, in fact that we will have another … “creature”.

We have an omnic centaur, we have a genetically modified monkey, we have a hamster the size of a pig (really compare his model to that of the other heroes), we have a dinosaur-legged MEKA … and then we look for another creature. The problem is which animal to adapt to a multitude of concepts.

Would be interesting to see. Technology in the overwatch universe seems to be pretty grounded, though. A furry character (yes, it counts as a furry) would be the most advanced scientific achievement lore wise, I’m pretty sure.

Winston and Hammond are both just intelligent animals with no physical augmentation, and I admit I don’t know if Mercy can actually revive dead people lore-wise.

She can’t - “resurrect” is just a burst of healing, like we saw in Zero Hour.

I don’t think that’s really how DNA splicing works. Not to the degree you imagine, at least. For as much fantasy/sci-fi as OW has, I feel like it’s tried to lean a tad towards plausibility.

Maybe have them born/grown a hybrid in a lab? Start as a hybrid from birth, and only begin to exhibit traits as they develop. But 100% human into a 50/50 split overnight… I don’t think it’d fit.

Sigma’s powers were the result of a single experiment gone wrong, so it’s not 100% implausible. But sure, a hybrid born/grown could work too.

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The hamster is normal sized he’s just in the ball controlling it