West Coast - Looking to establish a regular group of adults

As per the title, I am reaching out in an attempt to establish a more regular group of adults to play with. I am located on the west coast and normally play in the evenings after fam starts getting ready to sleep, around 8 PM PDT. If you play around the same times consider reaching out (my gamer tag is “OGCryptor”) and maybe we can put together a regular group. FYI I casually stream and will be frequently doing so when we play.

Xbox Gamer Tag: OGCryptor
Time Zone: PDT (West Coast)
Play Time: Starting at 8PM PDT

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I play nearly nightly after 8 pm til about 11 pm. You can hit me up. Gamertag is headstrong. I have one other guy i play with regularly. We are both mid to late 30s on the west coast

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I get 50 results for that name, can you let me know if you have a # after it or anything? My gamertag is “OGCryptor”

Comp or quick play?
I main healers
East coast here, but play late.

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I can play comp but that will make you cry and/or rage quit.

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I am only comp, once my account is restored, I am one of the few waiting on the merge.
And I don’t do either lol

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Challenge accepted lol add me “OGCryptor”, if I happen to be on when you are (not terribly likely due to time zone) I’d love to group up

No numbers or anything. Im the og on xbox. 8 manly play comp too but not toxic if people are trying. Ill add.


Yo Alaska here I’d be down I flop between DPS and Tank I play round 1900 AKST if you think you’d want me to tag along more then willing to help the team you can reach on xbox or snap REDDOGAK00 let me know man

Hey i play nights to my gt is TidestManager or you can add me here i main tanks and damage and looking to play both casual and competitive

I play after 9:30 pm game tag is Iamthechickenleg

I play nights starting around 8 CST until very late, early 40s, been playing for 5 years. Add me GT VinylPunk#1225 or
BN VinylPunk#11331
or discord Vinyl Punk#5828

Hi everyone, I’ve been playing for two years. I’m also on the west coast, I can play a variety of characters and may switch between roles if the team needs. I feel communication is key but hardley anyone talks in this game.
I don’t do the toxic or the negativity comments etc. just makes the game not fun and hurting other people who are trying is never good.
I’ll add OGCryptor tonight.
My gamer tag is: DrChips85714

added on Xbox! My name on there is “OGCryptor”

I play on playstation but there is crossplay so should work. I some nights around the same time you do battletag : sebyseby#1763