Were ranks going up bugged too?

I’ve seen all these posts about ranks going down being bugs, but I’m wondering if ranks going up were bugged too. My friend had a 50% winrate on tank in diamond 5 and got boosted to master 3, and the same friend had 75% winrate on ana and 99% winrate on zen (only 3 games played on zen) and stayed diamond 5 after being diamond 5 last season. I’ve watched his gameplay and his support is very good. Why didn’t it get bumped up but his tank did? How is this mmr even calculated??

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According to what i heard, the ranks going up and down its just your rank (that you usually see) being switched for your MRR (the real rank that the matchmaking uses to put you on your matches)

It doesn´t make any sense to me since a lot of people that didn´t deserve ranking up were ranked up and a lot of good players were deranked

i was ranked up from GM3 to GM1 without MOVING A FINGER… I´m not GM1 AT ALL

Apparently that´s because of MMR

Both you and your friend won the same number of matches, but his MMR is higher than yours, so he will climb easier, because the system evaluates him as better than you and think it is ok for him to climb more than you

This MMR apparently is calculated just by playing (and i don´t think it takes only winrate into account, i really don´t know)

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I wasn’t talking about me haha, I meant his support stayed diamond 5 when I feel like it deserves to be higher, but his tank went from diamond 5 to masters 3 with a much lower winrate.

For me, on my alt I was pushed to masters 2 from masters 3 and on my main I stayed masters 5. I did play more games and have a higher winrate on my alt though, so i guess that makes sense?

yeah, I heard like Rupal who is an owl player lost rank 1 and was pushed to rank like 400 when some guy who only played like 30 games got boosted to rank 30 or so. It’s really strange to me how they even messed this up. I just don’t get it lol

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  • We are investigating an issue where Season Three end-of-season final ranks were modified causing lower tier rewards issued for some players, and for current rankings to have wrongly decayed. Players who reach their next Competitive Update should receive their expected ranks.

Apparently, all the deranks are a bug. The rank ups are not

they are fixing it or it is going to fix it in the next 5 matches you win, there is a message in game i guess

thats it, thanks


At this point all I can wonder is “wow… will ranked ever not be a :poop: show?”

I want to try the new ranked, but I don’t care about the rewards. I want to know where my actual skill level truly lies when compared to the rest of the player base, but the current system sounds super frustrating to deal with.

Far too much guess work… far too much obfuscation on the part of the devs… it’s so aggravating that they play their cards so close to their chest with all the information players would actually like access to.

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Friend of mine showed me a profile of someone who was like gold/plat for multiple seasons then in S3 was like GM5 with a <50% winrate or something absurd. S3 ranks were totally broken.

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I went up(?) from bronze to silver (probably one teir) and all I did last season was the placements.

Though I hope they get it fixed for other people who deranked. Or just told us how it works.

Why doesn’t performance matter? Going just on wins and losses is kinda oofy.

You better out finding a team for yourself and doing scrims against other teams, that´s PEAK overwatch

Yes. Went up from diamond 3 or 4 (can’t remember) on tank to masters two. Definitely didn’t deserve it.

literally!! I wish they said somewhere the percentages of people in each rank, or at least any statistics at all in regards to rankings.

If you logged into the Season during the first hour, then your visual rank might be wrong. And getting your next win5/lose15 will fix it.

But otherwise, it’s just making it so your visual rank matched your hidden matchmaker rating.

My diamond support on one of my smurfs went to GM 5, even though I never touched Masters on that account for support.

Yeah this won’t lead to rank inflation at all

I agree… that is sort of what I’ve been doing.

I haven’t played comp since OW1, the season before they introduced role queue. Since then, I’ve only ever played QP with friends, or customs where it’s one team of friends vs another.

But since OW2 rolled out, my friends have been playing comp and I hear them talking about their ranks and I’m feeling a little left out :sweat_smile: lol

But every time I think “hm… maybe now I’ll try comp” I see so many posts of how little sense the rank system makes, or another update saying “Well even though your rank shows this, it actually is this…” and I’m just like UGH please fix soon!

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