Welp, I can't play OW


I’ve tried uninstalling OW and reinstalling it. Then I’d uninstall battle.net and reinstall it same thing. NOT working… It says like “Sorry, we were unable to log in. -Time out communicating with blizzard services.” Soo Idk wat to do. If anyone knows how to fix this pls tell me!!:blush:


Hello Rubyfiw :wave:

That error message indicates a connection issue, not anything to do with the game files. Uninstalling and reinstalling won’t have an effect on network woes.

Let’s review some overall connection troubleshooting, and we can run a robust network test if issues persist.

Can’t Connect to Overwatch

If you still get the connection error message, let’s run WinMTR, an in-depth test of your network connection that measures ping and packet loss and gives us a lot of detail.

Running WinMTR

You can include the WinMTR results in a reply to the forum post. Place it between rows of ticks (`) for formatting:

Like this.


TY Metalagon ! I knew I can count on u guys! Im so happy I can play Overwatch again!! <3 :blush:


how did u fix it? mine still not working after reinstall and dns flushing

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