Well Dang, rip moira

Y’all could had at least let it hit live. I love how when mccree got his rate of fire increased the entire community beggged to not let it go through but alas it made. But moira can’t even get one broken thing while other characters can.

Don’t worry moira, you’ll get your time to shine someday.


It at least shows they’re listening to the concerns of the forums.

I personally think it’ll be for the best. Let them think up a new way to buff Moira at higher tiers without making her oppressive in lower tiers.

(Still advocating to let Moira melee attack her orbs to redirect them)


This makes me very happy. I was not looking forward to that


Heal through barriers! That would be so useful in high ranks it would make her at least a pick in some cases.

C’mon devs you admitted she needed some buff, just revert that old ‘bug fix’.


There are better things to adjust on her then buffing her like this. While CC is everywhere in this game. She could use other adjustments.

Anyone notice, if that changed for Reaper as well?

A change that makes sense?

Wait, thats illegal.


the only think I had a problem with is that she could just, leave a sleep dart, like,

thanks but I don’t need rest

… sigh … just give her something


I play Moira a lot as my support these days and the buff felt broken. So its okay not to have it, they should look elsewhere if they want to give her a buff.


You cant just compare a buff that lowers skill floor to a buff that rewards skill ceiling.

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McCree’s fire rate buff did get nerfed very slightly. 0.42 fire rate instead of 0.4.

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The mccree buff made him easier hello? It makes his flash plus headshot combo much more forgiving

If she gets a rework, sure. Or gets utility in exchange for the lock on.

Well yeah, it would have been an Ana nerf. Can’t have that.

It doesn’t make him “easier.” It makes him better if you’re good enough to be accurate at the faster fire rate, which the data is bearing this out as we speak, and he’s not even close to OP even after the buff. He needed it.


Well if they are listening i have a message for them: make baptiste brigitte and moira useful. Thanks.

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if it depends on the “concerns of the forums”, Briggitte would be deleted, Mercy would be reworked by the 45th time and Symmetra would change every patch.

To be fair while this buff would have been ok in higher tiers. Moira is already kind of oppressive in lower tiers and this would have just made it worse. I like the direction and idea they were going with this but I think she should look at buffing her utility elsewhere.

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rub two braincells and use it to evade CC instead of a get out of jail free card (which it already is for many abilities)