Welcome to the Overwatch 2 Beta

Welcome to the Overwatch 2 Beta

This beta will feature Junker Queen, Rio, and support for players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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Let me innnn


Let’s take a look at this

Sorry guys, the article is hidden behind a paywall, you have to pay 20$ to read it.


You ruined mercy with the new “automatic superjump”… old tech like prop jump is now literally impossible, even though it’s one of the most important ga tech’s to know.

Revert the mercy changes. Ga tech used to be a simple but lengthy list… now superjump is “automatic” and infinitely clunkier and frustrating to use.

It feels terrible not to be in control over your own character… why would you force someone into the air just for using their ability normally…?


LOL No way have they really done that? God these devs are clueless. That, ruining Mei… sometimes wonder what planet they are on or if they even play thier own game


But the forums are free so it’s fine.

This game hits the new bottom everytime you announce something.


From the article it looks like it’s confirmed there will be at least 1 wave of invites being sent today.
“We will begin giving access to players who opted in now”
Hopefully I’m not reading this wrong

Can you seriously not opt out of PC pool without opting out of crossplay entirely?

Also this UI is NOT ready for a release in under 3 months. It’s terrible. You can’t event ell what you have selected on the title screen and hero select screen. The hero icon is maybe 5% larger than the ones that aren’t selected, it’s nearly unreadable.

And the ping options for the communication wheel are delayed now. Maybe 1/5 communications actually go through. And half of them go through wrong, and do whatever’s on the opposite side of the wheel!


Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the Watchpoint Pack, so no Beta Access for me…


No one on the dev team plays mercy that often and it shows… removing prop jump and making all ga tech more complicated and nerfed is terrible…

Literally within the first 5 minutes of the bets being live, mercy players knew this was terrible and made her feel clunky and frustrating… how did this go through?

Thanks. Now fix the PlayStation servers so we can actually play the beta.


R$180,00 … 180 ms Servers???

F U!

OW2 is currently a pay2play game.

Nobody has been given beta access on PC.


Is the beta active now? If so, I can’t seem to find the download option for it, and I was in it before. Maybe I just didn’t get in again?

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I might be wrong, but don’t they play on, like, a dev server? That probably might explain something: it’s a closed playpen, so they’re unfamiliar with the playerbase experience?

Yes. People who got in during the first beta aren’tguaranteed this time till the last 4 days. That’s also if you signed up……again….
Blizzards handled both betas pretty poorly


So any update on fixing the beta on PS? Cause it isn’t working for anybody :confused:

Welcome to the Overwatch 2 Beta

Thank you very much!