Welcome to Season 29 of Competitive Play

josh, is it intentional that the game is complete trash right now? like is it specifically designed to be that way? asking for a friend.

let us pick our data center when queuing

Ruined by Blizzard’s need for money. Thanks for further jacking up someone’s crap matchmaker.

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You can kinda do that by using this:

Blizzard hates giving players any type of agency.

Silver, btw.


A forum MVP said not to do it as it’s risky

so I’m assuming you can get punished for doing it, otherwise I don’t think he’d say that.

It’s an unsupported method that allows you to get what you want but isn’t sanctioned by Blizzard. Forum MVPs wouldn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground and just regurgitate Blizzard propaganda.

You’re 100% not going to get “punished” for it. I use it all the time.

Use it or don’t use it - both are fine, but don’t spread fearmongering nonsense.

As long as you’re solo queuing absolutely nothing is going to go wrong.

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I am not the one who was “spreading” anything. I clearly stated someone else said not to use it… And I learned that from someone else who said the MVP said it.

Plus, there are people like me who are extremely paranoid about their account, e.g me, so of course we’re going to be paranoid about using a method that we’ve been told by MvP that it is risky.

If it’s something they don’t want you doing that badly then the thread wouldn’t still exist now would it? They likely said it’s risky because it can potentially mess with your ability to reach websites depending on where they’re hosted.

Don’t overthink it. If they really punished people for doing it (which is something they can’t detect anyone is doing intentionally btw) then the thread would be taken down as the equivalent of a thread of telling people how to hack.

Ok, but he didn’t say anything like that…

Plus, I just don’t appreciate being accused of

for something I didn’t say

Not my fault, so unless he fully explains what he meant by “risky” then I can’t trust it. It’s not my fault he said it like that, and I’m not the only one who thought he meant the same way.

Did you know on games such as MapleStory you can lose your account for using a VPN, so I have a right to be worried about stuff, especially when someone trusted called another method “risky”

Like I said, as long as you’re solo-queuing absolutely nothing will go wrong. I assume they were warning layman and novice users to not mess with something they may not understand - you were the one who took it as you may get punished for using the method.

I assure you that this “MVP” is just being overly cautious about something they may not fully understand either.

I fully encourage anyone to engage with me about this topic, even the MVP, but no one ever does. :woman_shrugging:

Using a VPN and using your built-in firewall are two very different things. Calling an MVP as someone “trusted” is quite laughable, honestly.

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they blocked both methods apparently from being done on CoD warzone according to google

Warzone is F2P. They only allows 1 connection per address if I recall correctly.

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Be sure to check out our Cross-Play blog for questions regarding how Cross-Play impacts Top 500 and Leaderboards!

Some key notes:

  • PC players will remain on their own, separated leaderboard since they do not Cross-Play with other platforms in Competitive under any circumstance

  • Console leaderboards will now contain players from other platforms if you’re opted in to Cross-Play

  • If you’re opted out of Cross-Play, only players from your platform who are also opted out of Cross-Play will be present on the leaderboard

  • Regional leaderboards still exist for all platforms


Who want to troll their fellow player. Perhaps you should actually do something about this??? NO??? 29 seasons and you give slaps on the wrist and call it a day.

Placements season 29, xbox with crossplay.

(More leavers in the first 3 days than in the whole last season… :man_shrugging:)

Support: Balanced. 2:3 (+1) :sweat_smile:
Dps: 2 wins - cause enemy leavers, 3x stomped. Urks. :see_no_evil:
Tank: 3 wins, 2 draws. :slightly_smiling_face: [Nice, no defeat! :grin: :wink:]

OQ (in progress): God help me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Blizzard, would you please quit punishing me every time one of my teammates leave, which is about 30% of the time?! Your game lost its momentum for a reason, and this is one of the biggest glaring issues.

Hand out perma-bans after 2 offenses. Fix your busted game.

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There HAS to be a better way to find games in comp especially for DMG please please please fix this issue. Taking an hour to find a game just for someone to quit out and have to start all over just makes it not worth it. AGAIN please do SOMETHING

I have grown so incredibly frustrated by match losses due to leavers. I would guess nearly 50% of my SR drop and challenge in climbing is due to SR loss because other players leave ad my teams lose.

Do something to rank point
Why the winning point is less then the losing , I’m stuck on the same F rank for so long, at least return back the winning streak point!!
This s is like for ever u get the same bad player over and over again… DO SOMETHING