Welcome to Season 20 of Competitive Play

Wow. I’ve missed an entire season of Overwatch. Feels good to have that addiction to a really flawed game, gone. Only took 18 seasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Having to many maps is bad for competitive play, its that simple.
If you keep the amount low the variance will reduce as maps become less of a factor.
Just think of map x hero interactions etc.

People who actually want to play need to start making up their mind. I know they haven’t tought this to everybody yet but you can’t have everything at all times.
Are we looking for competitive play, fast queues, all heroes available at all times etc.
Tying to please everybody will only lead to failure at pleasing anybody.

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My play experience over hundreds of hours begs to differ.

Comp appears to be the mode people try the least in.

I’ve had a much richer competitive experience just making a 6 stack in QP.


Did you fall and injure your head?

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Still no official info how is sr gain/loss calculated in games with leavers? It was changed when role q started but we never got official statement about this change. Or is it bug then?

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I meant havana xdxdxdxd

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This whole limited map pool idea was a mistake. As if the trash balance and insane amount of cc wasn’t bad enough, you’re also forced to play on the same damn maps over and over.

2019 was the year of terrible decisions for Overwatch.


Shame you no longer give animated sprays for arcade top500.

I just noticed this. I don’t believe you’ve ever one time played competitive, Josh. It may be designed that way, but in practice it’s an entirely different animal. You’ve no idea.


No Paris, no Horizon. Good.

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I do not appreciate your attempt at silencing an opinion that had no ill intention of attacking others who dislike the maps I would like to see in the future.

Same old, same old. Guess game is in maintenance mode now? Nothing new added till OVERWATCH 2?

And no date to that either!

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Are we playing the same game? Cause the game I have is LONG queue times and not a very competitive game unless you are playing in the OWL. Which none of us are,.

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The same thing repackaged about 5 more times.


No Blizzard World? Like lol

Can you confirm or deny whether there were changes to matchmaking?

It seems like queue times are shorter but there’s a wider range of SR I’m playing in. For example, on a low masters account I’ve been in 4100 average games and 2400 average games. Are these flukes or did something get tweaked?

None of your sentences made any sense. I couldn’t tell if it’s your grammar or your thoughts.

Another terrible season in the books. Thanks for nothing!

Amen! Another trash season! More than ever leavers. Lol! I leave too nowadays. Don’t care, ban me. I got other games to play made by way better devs. XD