Weird Voicechat Bug, happens waaaay too often

There is this bug where the game shows you you are in voicechat, but noone else appears to be in the voice(although there are people in it), your mic symbol right next to your name is always muted and if you click on it, it just stays the same. You cant talk, I had this bug a few times in Quickplay, but didnt really care, because I dont really talk in Quickplay anyways and the bug always semt to be gone after one match. But I just got out of a comp game with the same bug, I normally am a really vocal player who likes to do callouts, so I hope this gets fixed.


Yes i get this alot too and it sucks…

“noone appears to be in the voice altough people are in it” What do you mean by that statement? You can’t see if they are in the voice yet you KNOW they are in it?

I’m having the same issue. I am an active comp player and use the mic for callouts, etc.

Although, now when I try and join a team I cannot seem to join the team chat/game chat. When I look at the social tab, I can see that my mic has a " / " over it. Even though my mic is not on mute.

I can join party chat and chat on other games with ease. I’m only having this issue with Overwatch.

Please help…

Hold in mind that if you’re muted in chat for being reported too much that means you’re also muted for VC

How do I check I’ve been reported too much? I’m not a toxic player nor do I leave games.

That shouldn’t be the problem! But good to know.

do you have multiple OS installed maybe?..check if your system clock has the right time

Indy could you please explain how that would have any change?

no i cant, was just what caused it for me. just a wrong time that is. and yes i tested it…you might be able to reproduce it by just changing your OS clock to a wrong time

Weird… I wonder how a client issue that has no function within the game except showing the time fix a server/client mic issue.

Well as long as it works i guess it’s a fix. I wonder how this could happen xD.

i started to get this annyoing bug 3 days ago , i have my main acc and my ALT account , voice chat works fine and it auto joins me the voicechat and everything is totally fine , while in my main account i have the weird bug , its very annyoing , i dont know how to fix it , sometimes i want to play on my main but cant because of this voicechat bug

no way dude , i dont even talk alot , its a bug

If I f.e. play with friends, they dont appear to be in the team voicechat, although they are connected to it. Also, if I ask in chat if anyone is in voice, multiple people reply with yes.
Also, Im not muted, I didnt get an email or an advert(although Blizzard is quite inconsistent with that ;)) , voicechat mostly works next match, I can write in chat etc.

I am also getting this glitch every one game or so each time I play. It’s simply unacceptable and it puts you at a huge disadvantage when in Competitive Play.

Sadly this is still happening and no fix… better work on that mercy bunny-hop though that sounds more important o.0

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Or not.

Are you guys all PC? This has been hitting PS4 players for a few months now, most of us lost voicechat are the time of the summer games event. We’ve got a (way too long) thread going about it, but we’ve just been consistently told that it’s a connection issue on our side.

same for pc players for more then a month now

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