Weird slowdown when playing game

Hi everyone, I am not sure how to correctly explain since i am not english native so I may not be perfect to find the right word anyway…

Since recently i got only in Overwatch a weird sensation when I move my hero (strafing, walking) if I can make a Graph here it would looks like
like if I was using a pad and not pressing fully like a wave in the speed of walk
fast…slow (few ms) and fast again and slow (few ms)

the pattern is regular and effect other player as well (from my POV)

My ping is like 70ms, IND is at 50ms
my FPS 75 (I limited from the game)

and my internet connection doesn’t have any issue (other games works perfectly without this effect of “rubber wave” in the move.

What could be the cause and how to fix
I play OW since day 1, I have my graphic card driver up to date (RX480 Adrenalin September update)

I checked also percent in CPU / GPU usage to see if it was like CPU overload… not even 50% when playing GPU at 100%

Despite other games working fine, it sounds like a connection issue to this particular game. I’d try the network troubleshooting steps, and post results here if you can’t resolve it.

I, as well as many other players, are experiencing the same issue. But everyone seems to brush it off as individual connectivity issues. I guess no OW till I can play a game without involuntarily moving.