Weird input delay, its like I'm slower?

After updating my windows 10,i faced a few latency related bugs I guess?? While loading into the game, I will be stuck in the loading screen longer than previously for like extra few seconds while I can see that my latency is soaring up to 150ms then dropping to 120ms then soaring to 170ms and finally went back to normal after i entered the character screen. I used to be able to get into the game immediately but now I just go in slower than usual. Can’t insta lock heroes now :frowning:

Today I tried playing Ana and it was bad it’s like I missed all my obvious shots and my friends are not receiving my heal in time.

There’s one instance where an enemy roadhog was stuck in a graviton and I fired a few shots with my crosshair on him and only the last hit has the hit mark and registered. I don’t think I could have miss all those shots since roadhog was not moving and he is a big piece of meat and I’m aiming at his belly??? He died immediately afterwards.

I got tired of it and I switched to Moira, at least her mechanics doesn’t involve shooting and aiming much and guess what? I watch my ally Hanzo dropped his health so I tried to heal him, but I noticed that after like 2 second his health ddint went up as it should and he died immediately.

So this brings me to the question, did the hanzo died before he received my healing in the server? Did the roadhog died in the graviton but my game is not showing me yet so I kept shooting at it thinking I can deal damage? Am I receiving server info slower than I suppose to? I’m at 30ms ping 144hz I don’t think this should happened on me I even put my game in my ssd. My internet connection runs on my powerline which served me quite well previously without any hiccup so I will exclude it as the problem.

I don’t think your connection should be excluded as a problem, because what you’re describing definitely sounds like a connection issue.

Do you have a netgear router by chance? Those have been presenting an issue lately with Overwatch traffic. Also, have you run the networking tests suggested by staff to troubleshoot these types of issues? Common Connection and Latency Issues

But I have been using this network for God knows how long… It shouldn’t be the culprit?

It’s not impervious to failure, it’s worth troubleshooting it.

I’m guessing it has more to do with this: Canadians are getting a huge spike in Latency
It is happening to a lot of people playing in NA and started today.

i wish that would be the case but I am not from Canada.

Neither am I. I am just gonna take a guess that you are on a school network then. Either way the issue should be fixed today.