We were promised information a half hour ago

No…they said they would provide info when new season “starts”……which is different than the very second the season begins

Jus give them a sec…I’m sure we’ll get info


Jesus christ.

20 characters.


It’s just a video game bro. It ain’t that serious if you don’t hear news about it this very second.


What are you specifically referring to?

And dude it’s only been 30 minutes you’ll survive :joy:


In the dream world!!

I mean, I will, but they’re falling back into being terrible at communicating.


I get what you mean but I still think they’ve had more than a sec lol

To be fair, craig said

Not, YOU will have more details. lol


My guy, have some patience, they are human too

It has been an hour, the world is ending.


It’s not that we won’t live without info right now, it’s that no one wants to see Blizzard go back to over promising on communication and then slamming the door in our faces. We had 2 years of that because of Kaplan.


It is just a new topic sticky when the new season starts, what is the big deal?

If it happens today I’ll accept that I’m being a stupid impatient baby. Hell, even if we get a “sorry guys there was a mix up here’s the new time sorry.”

But given their history with communication I’m not expecting it.

It is just a new comp season, not information about OW2. You wouldnt even care if you didnt think it was some gotcha moment.

Generally we get news around the time I go to work…

Which is about another hour and 15 mins from now.

Why most my posts are in a rush.

They posted their Xbox game pass announcement like 4 hours ago.

Craig said NEXT Thursday. NOT this Thursday.

What’s even the point of “more details” to come if the details are the exact same as it’s been for years? “Nah, we have one more season, it’ll run until October 4th!” would have been all that was needed to be said.

I don’t understand how this is a gotcha moment. I’m not expecting a full blown expose on the new hero or the monetization model, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable that there were higher expectations then “new season.”

…except the season started today



That post is several days old, today is next Thursday. He also said “when the season starts,” which is today.