We should ban the Moira Popcorn pic


Now it just seems you want to troll. -.-

No one here is “Off Topic” Except for you, in the first place.

This Topic in no way relates to game balance, or game related content.

This is literally just complaining about a Meme, that is part of a Forum Pinned Topic.
It’s not going away, because it’s not hurting anyone.


It’s not even satire at this point.

It’s more spam than anything and quite frankly doesn’t add anything to a conversation.


I think there’s in-between situations. Not every rehashed, pointless argument also breaks the rules.


I understand. But are you going against ANY SINGLE ONE of them? If not, why target Popcorn Moira specifically? Like was said before, she is a consequence of a post being inflammatory, not the cause.

This thread seems to be pretty inflammatory, seeing the reactions of the community. Should we flag it?


Looks like I can’t have any sort of conversation with you without you saying that I’m a troll.

Also, the topic is the Moira meme. When the topic is about game balance or lore, it’s not off topic to post the Moira meme is it? Because it is.

Also, in case you didn’t know, the forums are game related content. Otherwise, posts about the forums wouldn’t be allowed.


If anything, you are basically just attempting to insult the multiple people who made the Overmoji thread in the first place, which i take offense to. -.-

Here, if you would like to take it up with Ivan and the mods who helped make that thread what it is, please do.
[𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓞𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓶𝓸𝓳𝓲 𝓒𝓪𝓯é:𝓻𝓮]


She is less of a consequence of a post being inflammatory and more of a prediction that the post will attract arguments which may or may not be inflammatory. A subtle yet distinct difference. One could even argue that it helps trigger the hive-mind and makes people feel more comfortable with flaming. In other words, it is a potential cause.

As for why Popcorn Moira specifically, what else does that which is frequently present on the forums? I have yet to see anything. Not even that “dis is gonna be gud” gif.

I believe this is where our difference in opinion lies… What is inflammatory to you? Just disagreeing? That is virtually the only thing that makes sense given your stance.


Honestly, I don’t see any reason to ban an harmless picture like that. I never saw it being used in a bad way and even if it ever did, it’s not like it should be BANNED. Just take a look at pretty much any picture and you will see that some can be used in a bad way. This one is, perhaps, no different.

I am sorry to say, but your point is invalid.


shouldnt we even like credit the artist in the first place? plus, the moira pic looks weird anyways, the retribution event is long over.



For me I see it as a catalyst and spam.

I also see it as a “dis is gonna be gud” kind of image/post. It’s hardly posted in good fun/humor.

The worst part is, it makes already more controverical posts start out with bad comments, which, in-turn, causes more bad comments. Why would anyone or any moderator allow a post that has nothing constructive in it to exist let alone participate in?

If you’re looking for actual discussion, seeing this meme get posted everywhere is starting to become a problem. This is a discussion forum, not a meme forum.


This should be in some sort of art museum, it’s a masterpiece.


Yea… why is this Topic still up?
I’m asking that too…



Very well, I actually meant what you said.

Can you prove that? Because that’s not what I’ve seen, a controversial topic is still controversial with or without popcorn Moira. There wasn’t less controversy in these forums before Popcorn Moira showed up a couple of months ago.

A thread that’s bound to have a lot of disagreements could be construed as inflammatory, it certainly is controversial. That doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of being discussed and should be flagged, I’m not the one who said that.


And you’re complaining about a picture with Moira eating popcorn.


You know, you could not be a jerk and actually have a conversation around this topic instead of just attacking me?

I’m talking about the usage of the meme. The fact it’s never used for positive or constructive commentary on the topic at hand.


Now you’re blaming us for making a joke that you’re just complaining about.


is this like Pepe the Frog emote? derp.