We need to fix smurfs or else, the game gonna die

If i sound agressive or toxic in this post or something not a healer main would say, that is because granpa died from Covid-19 and i cant play overwatch without hearing almost every game the same god darn toxic behavior that is (i hope you die from this or that or these or those) and include my already infected family to these horrible threats and bad wishes.

I cant play overwatch without encountering smurfs who literally play like master and trollers who literally just mess around making us lose almost every time

Reporting you say? I appreciate your thinking mate but i have to say that it will not always work.
Only things you can pray is not encountering smurfs and playing with trolls because, at least you can have a fair ranked game.

How about avoiding them? It is inevitable to encounter them. You only best bet is to pray that they wont show on the day you feel mostly angry or tilted. That or Overwatch team find a way to stop smurfing.

I know i know, Everyone already gave that suggestion but if nobody want this problem to be fixed, Just ignore this post, this account and all my life because, nothing matters anymore.

I am not that worthy of talking about anything. Maybe i should have got infected instead of grandpa, that way, he would still stay with us.


bruh what

Literally that what i got last two games. Told them what my mental state was and no response. I feel frustrated and sad

I think he’s saying people are death-wishing him to die of Covid (along with the other more typical diseases that people death-wish with) when he just lost someone to Covid. What that has to do with smurfs, I don’t know.

Toxic players are a thing, yes. Mute, report, avoid, move on. Consistently toxic players will eventually get a suspension and either learn or go on to get banned.

“Occasionally toxic” players unfortunately can fly under the radar, but if we banned everyone for a single salty outburst we’d ban over 90% of the players.

I’m inclined to agree. Smurfs and throwers are one of the biggest blights this game has ever seen. Go into Looking For Group virtually any time. You’ll see at least one group labeled throwing, deranking, not winning, selling account, selling boost,road to bronze, smurfing. and it makes it really hard to want to go into comp knowing that there is such a high chance of someone playing in a pool far too small for themselves.

EDIT: I checked just now, there are two throwing groups in looking for groups now.


Sorry for your loss.

Maybe avoid competitive for a while if you’re getting too frustrated? Look after yourself.

What moonburst said is true.

We cant have fun when there is troublemakers trying to ruin fun because they can and throw those disgusting threats that lead to S word (i cant type the word so guess what i just said)

And not only that, The game is becoming boring each ranked match. Same Bullcrap, Diffrent Players, Diffrent Maps and differnt Days.

I was having fun playing ow back when i thought that quickplay was the real deal until fortnite came around.

Hope we find a way to fix smurfing or else, This community is sinking ship

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Don’t really understand it myself, bought the game once, no intention of buying it more than that. I don’t get into fights with strangers or spew hateful toxic gibberish so I’ve never been suspended and I think playing against people significantly below your skill level is one of the most boring things in the world.

That said, I can see maybe if somebody wants to learn a new hero they have no experience with. It can be pretty brutal to play something very different vs. opponents that you match evenly against when you are playing what you already know. It definitely sucks to start from scratch and have to put up with idiots telling you “never play that hero again” for the first ~10 hours of practicing a new hero. Learned half a dozen tanks like that and even in grinding in quickplay it can be rough going. So I can sort of understand why you would want to play on a new account for this reason.

Still, I think you learn a lot faster if you play against the same level you normally do because you won’t get sloppy and pick up bad habits you can only get away with against less skilled opponents.

Almost every random team in quickplay is made of at least 4/6 accounts that are below level 100 but play like they have years of experience, and it has been like this for months. The only way this makes any sense is if these players are in a cycle where they stop playing on one account and switch to a new one on a regular basis otherwise eventually they’d level the account past the bronze borders.

There just aren’t that many new players. So I’m pretty sure most of this game is now financed by all of these kids who keep purchasing train-loads of additional accounts.

Maybe there’s another reason you would want to own it more than once that I’m just not getting?

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I would not have understand you DLCI If i didnt know that you have to buy the same game every time you need to make account.

That said, the problem isnt that super huge inside pc community but Consoles? Oh boy. This is why i am crying out loud trying to make anyone try to fix this problem.

If we all stand together, we will get what we want.

But if few people doesnt participate with me, this post gonna die just like the rest of the posts about smurfing and participating in some smurf posts.

If i dont talk, then who?

smurfs have been in the game 4 years and its not even in the top 50 reasons its gone downhill

It’s not just comp, quick play is also FILLED with alt accounts. Every game is a “who has the most new players wins”. Or, it’ll be a close match cos they’re mucking around on something they want to practise but eventually decide the game has gone on long enough and trash it by playing their main.

Win or lose, it’s just so boring when your basically playing a spectator for all the impact you have on the match :roll_eyes:

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It is a bigger problem on console, but I disagree that it is a non-problem on PC.

In any case, in the case of consoles, Jeff indicated that they have some ideas for controlling smurfs on console but it’s difficult with the rules around console account creation.

I would expect something for the duplicate account problem on consoles a few months after the release of OW2. If I were to place a bet, I would say it involves registering for 2-factor authentication to play competitive, but that’s very much guesswork.

Ref: Hero pools is a brave and holistic change - #207 by JeffreyKaplan

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Report them.

Sorry for your loss, truly.

However emotionally based arguments for problems unrelated are not pretty and don’t really make for a strong basis. You’re connecting dots that aren’t even on the same page let alone the same table. They really only serve to make things worse especially if you’re fighting against odds.

Take some time away from the game, be with people who you care about and who care about you, it’s clearly compounding upon your grief, smurfs or no smurfs. Recompose your thoughts and come back with a more grounded argument after you’ve spent some time grieving and reconciling with your new reality.

In the mean time, I suggest playing something that isn’t so competition intensive, a story game, something with a true ending. You’ll feel more complete after, even if just a little. Helped me through my grief.

If i stop, we wont get what the community deserves.

Thats why i am here writing about stupid things about how smurfs are still roaming around rampageing like orcs and ruin everything as trolls.

If i could, i gonna make a subreddit dedicated for showing every smurf who is ruining the game but due to college getting near and i still am shocked about granpa’s death, i wont be able to do this.

Thanks Trando. I needed to take some break since i am currently have anger management issues and still sad about last few games that had huge negative aura around it.

I didn’t actually know you could make a new account on console without buying another account key. I can see why that would be a huge problem. It’s annoying on PC but it only really gets out of hand when they do those “free overwatch” weekends that used to come up every few months.

because losing a QP match doesn’t lead to penalties like comp does.

You do know that Chinese players can make infinite accounts in overwatch PC right? I dont know how but i think it has the same/similar steps of Console.
But i think that those who made it got banned for cheating (not all of them but some of them)

Either way, OW2 will spawn a new generation of toxicity i am sure of it

Sorry this game was pretty much dead, competitively, since they allowed multiple accounts in comp.

So many cheaters caught nothing done to revert the effects. Keep giving them your money that is all they care about.

Play it for fun that is all it is good for. Someone brags to you about their SR, try not to laugh at them openly.

Both exist in pretty much every single online game you’ll ever play. The only way Blizzard could help combat this is if they assigned a hidden tracker to your IP that basically lumps all of your accounts into one for the purpose of matchmaking. The unfair downside to this kind of approach is that some people genuinely do have multiple people playing from the same IP and/or same computers. This is why nobody ever takes this approach to attacking this problem.

75% of the time, the person you’re facing isn’t actually a smurf. They are just better than you or they are having a lucky match. There are also people that come from other shooters and are just already good at them. OW is extremely forgiving on aim compared to something like CS:GO, so a good AWPer from CS will probably annihilate your team if they get on widowmaker, even if they’ve only played OW for a few hours…