We need to fix leavers

Leavers are not the greatest. But when you get disconnected, why do you still get penalized? Blizzard show add a system that can tell between disconnects and leaves. I know this isn’t related to the current PTR, but this is the closest thing I can get.

All disconnections count as leaving the game because well… you left the game (even if it was not intended). The development team have specifically stated the game server can tell when a player clicks the “Leave Game” button versus that of a crash or disconnection where the player suddenly drops, however it is impossible to distinguish a player who disconnects due to technical issues outside of their immediate control versus that of a player who simply plugs their router or computer to look like they disconnected or crashed. Furthermore, Blizzard and the community really don’t want players who are disconnecting frequently to be playing Competitive. This is why the penalty starts small at only a 10 minute suspension (because anyone can be subjected to a technical issue at any moment). However, the penalty escalates, because a player who continues to attempt to play Competitive without identifying or fixing any known technical issues is just as bad as a person who is deliberately leaving games. I encourage you to read this official post from Blizzard which has further details:

For future reference, if you have general feedback about the game, post in the General Discussion forum. Blizzard tracks feedback across all forums, but it helps them when it is posted in the right category. The PTR feedback forum is specifically intended for feedback about balance changes and features related to any upcoming patches for Overwatch which is being tested on the PTR.

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