We need to discuss Mercy, NOW

The community on what? The forum? Thats all we have data on.
I wont bother repeating lol

Boi, I’m representing that people do, in fact, have the opinion that she’s unfun.

Not that it is fact she is unfun.

Again, tbought that’d be obvious considering this type of writing is known as an “Opinion Piece”.

Then stop saying stuff like

That’s not an opinion is it…you are making baseless claims.

Omg, you clearly don’t look around then.

Guess what, pal, you’re missing a lot of people’s perspectives. And I can’t help ya if you’re not willing to look in Google rather than fighting with me.

Here’s a counter fact: People also have the opinion that she is fun and are happy with her playstyle.

Interesting that now you’re claiming it’s an opinion piece after you made several remarks making claims that you couldn’t really back up. This thread honestly could have just been posted in another larger thread.


We have some hard data to support that one.

Check out the "like" count on this bad boy

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Okay, what do you want to discuss?

So 3.6k likes is representative of the entire playerbase?
Kinda a big leap.

So, perhaps an unnecessarily heated discussion I guess…

My take on Mercy’s (and the other healers) current state:

  • It is absolutely wonderful that the other healers are viable and can be used now. It was terrible and awful for most when Mercy was OP and a must-pick. Diversity is great.
  • Mercy may very well be in the most balanced state that she has ever been in. From a pure balance stand-point this is great.
  • Many consider Mercy bland and boring, this is not great. Any future changes to fix this need to be made very carefully so she won’t become too powerful again. It is not good for a hero to be considered boring. I also note that some also find Mercy fun now, so it may be difficult to please everyone. But perhaps there is a change that all who play Mercy find to be an improvement to her enjoyability. I think most Mercy players find Guardian Angel to be fun to use, and the introduction of the bunny-hop made it more enjoyable. So, perhaps there are other changes like that which could be made in the future after the current dust settles and the meta is established.

One thematic change I was thinking about was Phoenix themed.

1 second after pressing Q you get the option to press Q again (or alternatively E if they move Rez to Valk only).

This kicks Valk into doubleedged-sword mode.

Stronger more focused abilities, faster move speed/GA, but instead of regenerating health, 20hp lost per second. You are consumed by fire.

Maybe make your pistol slot become a fire lance or something.

Who said that it represents the whole player base?
You’re makimg things up, mate.

Even then, 3 thousand people is still A LOT of voices.

The guy said its hard data on the quote of you saying the playerbase agrees etc.
Put them together bud.

Yeah it is alot of voices.

Pleeeeease stop using playerbase.

I had a mental image of Mercy’s lunar new year skin while reading this.

I’m not sold on it, purely because it’s an “abilty enhancement” instead of something that’s very different from the base kit (e.g. Moira spraying heals in her base form, but doing a kamehameha with her ult). Are you sure about the fire lance? Mercy’s supposed to be a pacifist professional doctor…

Somewhat unrelated: Mercy needs a pheonix skin. Or at the very least, phoenix themed lines with her new year’s skin.

Might I point out that that’s 3.whatever k likes accrued on every post in the thread and that there are dissenting posts with likes. And people can like multiple posts

I mean, it’s kind of moot, but.


Yeah, but she’s also got something strange going on with her considering she hasn’t really aged like the rest of the cast.

As if she’s not entirely human.

Good thing they aren’t my claims.

I still stand on you sending your ideas rather than trying to debunk an opinion (or in otherwards, persuasive) piece.

You did say the alot of the playerbase agrees with you.
Which is a claim no matter how much you twist it.

I do like the principle of Mercy’s ult being a double-edged sword (if Mercy ever does get mass rez back, I want it to blow up in her face if she uses it wrong). My ideal version of Mercy would have a lot of emphasis on calculating risk/reward throughout her entire playstyle, and she’d get progressively more high risk, high reward the higher you climb.

Am I Wrong?

Do people agree with me?
If so, my point remains.

You cant prove it correct…soooo