We need more than 25 presets allowed


if Workshop is going to be a thing (which it is). 25 was the max before WS was added, so now that it has been added it is unreasonable for that number to be so low with how infinite the possibilities will be now due to WS.

There are going to be so many cool modes to be saved as presets for instant access that being so limited (to a measly 25) in the max/cap is uncalled for. I filled up my 25 presets in the first 30 or so codes I tried out and still have another 30+ codes I want to try out and potentially save as presets for use with friends at random times.

MORE/INFINITE allowed saved presets is necessary and should never have been an issue in the first place.


Just save your mode as text on you own storage.


can’t on console unfortunately :confused: