🔫 | We need more pew pew heroes


There’s nothing more satisfying than killing an enemy with Dva’s bunny blaster or Mercy’s pediatrician pistol.

Therefore, I hereby declare, that we need another pew pew hero! This proposed hero would have pew pew as their primary form of fire.

I realize that the spam potential of this hero would be off the charts, so I will entrust the balancing aspect of the overall kit to the devs.

Make it happen, Blizz. :clap:


why don’t we give reaper a small pistol when he’s not in range? that could be funny :stuck_out_tongue: (he needs something god damn it!) :smiley:


We need a hero using plasma rifles from doom or halo for more pew pew


I can already see it. Reaper’s new ability “Pew Pew.”
He has some edgy voiceline as he whips out his mini gun and starts spraying the enemy from across the map.

OH MY GOD. His voiceline should be "pew~ pew~.

Just imagine him saying it slowly in his gravelly voice. :rofl:


“say hello to my little friend” :smiley:
“this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting and this is for fun”

don’t get me started :smiley:


My guess i the next hero will be a “pew pew” tank with a ranged weapon (meaning one that fires like DVa/Mercy’s pistol), since that doesn’t currently exist in the game. Probably some sort of tank that gains additional shield charge per damage dealt and then can opt to use them on themself to temporarily buff shield or a teammate to temporarily buff shield. Would certainly solve a lot of issues with people lacking to select healers and shield tanks regularly while still wanting to DPS.

I am still rooting for Mama Hong!!


I want another duel wield character like Tracer or Reaper put have the ”Pew Pew” feel to it. Kind of like Jango Fett’s pistols from Star Wars.


we also need more utility heroes that don’t just straight up get the enemy team killed slowly… painfully… but surely (what i’m saying is that Ashe’s dynamite feels terrible to die to, really sollid utility, but just feels oppressive)


Orisa is kinda a pew pew hero, but not nearly as satisfying as d.va and mercy.



I can be game for this. Like no joke-would I play more DPS for pistolling heroes.


If he happens to have the blaster/pistol equipped during his deathblossom, his “DIE DIE DIE!” should change into a much more familiy friendly (but still edgy sounding): “Pew, PEW, PEEEW!”

Regardless of Reapers involvement, im all in for more pewpew. =)

To quote tracer here: “The world could always use more pewpew!” Thats what she said, right? RIGHT!?


Id like a character with a pump action shotgun. And a grappling hook. Like from Just Cause 3. Grapples into someone, kicks them into the air, BOOM blows their face off with a shotgun blast.


So… McCree, but with more ammo?


No, Ramanga! You don’t understand. McCree does not pew pew.


Hero no. 30 should be the Arbiter
Make it happen Blizzard


Playing baby dva is more fun then playing her while in mekha tbh


So… McCree with more ammo, slightly higher rate of fire, and different sound effects?


Yeah pretty much, he was my most played DPS until Symm was moved.

(Though higher rate of fire would be nice, maybe change of visuals)


Pew pew needs to be projectile or it’s not really pew pew.

Think Star Wars guns.


This is the worst mistake you have done XD