We need more custom game options. Suggestions


Here are a few things I’d like to see added to the custom games options:

  • Add a option to enable old abilities ( Hanzo’s scatter arrow, Symmetra’s old shield E abilities, Mercy mass rezz, Torb’s old ultimate, Bastion sentry headshots etc…)

  • Add a option to increase or decrease the weapon spread for every hero.

  • Add a rate of fire option

  • Add a way to increase the amount of players on one team. So 11 players against 1 player for example would be great for player “boss” modes.

  • Add a option to enable friendly fire

  • Add a option for 0 gravity (every hero will have the ability to swim through the air)

More suggestions are welcome. I feel like there is a huge potential for tons more options than what we have currently.


mystery weapons.

Everyone looks like normal but upon respawning your weapon will now fire out a random effect from all the primary fires in the game. Soldier can fire like McCree, Widow can shoot hanzo arrows or meicicles, Pharah can launch junkrat grenades, Symmetra sprays out winston electricity etc


Made a huge thread about this

If ya all want to revive it go ahead, its still relevant


a mode that isn’t limited to 12 players. Sometimes, you want a chaotic game of 10 vs 10 or 20 vs 20. Servers and the game clearly can take it. So why not make it a thing?

but before any new custom game options, they should start with the basics. Which is adding MORE OPTIONS to arcade. I mean will it kill them to have 2~3 pages of arcade options?


Allowance to turn off inactivity… that is all :pray:


I’ve actually considered listing options for each hero that I’d like to see - would that be of value, though?


The servers cannot clearly take it. I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.


They wouldn’t do that because of AFK farms, giving an option to turn it off will only make things worse and Blizzard hates it




there was a bug a while back that allowed 12vs12. and people were playing it. Other bugs too. The fact that the game cold handle that, makes me think that it can handle a well tuned version.


custom map maker is the next step for me. Even if it’s super limited to just walls floors and points there could be some creative maps made only using these things.


I kinda speak for myself but I’d happily rid XP if inactivity kicking is taken out. I just want to enjoy the game without getting kicked out or needing to jump off a cliff. I’m a hide and seek player.


For some roleplay aesthetic

  • Forced skin/Unlimited skin


Another feature they should add to the UI is there should be a description box next to the custom game names so that players can better describe what the game they made is about and the potential rules.