We need CC back

I say this as a tank main: we need more CC. Having tools to defend against flankers (cough Sombra) is crucial to being an effective member of a team. Otherwise you have zero agency, and all you can do is hope your team has better mechanical skills.

Why they decided to remove CC rather than provide a passive to prevent stun-locking (which was the actual issue), is yet another example of Blizzard’s outrageously bad decision-making skills.


Seriously. Just give tanks an Anti Stun passive.


Tank on tank would feel pretty lame then seeing how most of them have a combat loop with CC?

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Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE bring back CC.

I never thought I’d ask for Mei’s freezing back but I never appreciated how important it was in checking flankers until it was gone. Plus it was core to her identity and it doesn’t feel like Mei anymore.

Likewise with McCree’s flashbang, Brigitte’s bash, etc


I don’t think that would be the case, especially since tanks aren’t really meant to go head-to-head every fight. Even if this would happen, making one role slightly worse in a specific scenario to make the other 4 roles universally more engaging is more than a fair trade.



I’m fine with CC, but full on stuns are cheap and there’s still a fair amount of it left. Slows > stuns.


I actually think CC could change matches.
Don’t get me wrong as a tank main I hated it. But seeing players like Anna still sleep people.
I think they should do something similar to wow where the more the person is CC’d the less effective it is. And tanks could prob have more of an immune. But I think it would be good to see it on some characters, just not Mei she’s already a pain as it is haha.


They should try and develop a diminishing return mecanic, after being CC the next one will be 25% shorter, the next will be 50% shorter, the next will be 75% shorter and capp it at 75%.
Smite has that and it works decently, the games can’t really be compared but the idea of DR would make sense in Overwatch I think.

I do think that Tanks should still be the class with the most CC, then Supports, then DPS. They could also add other CCs if they don’t want “hard” CCs like something making you deaf for a few seconds, cripples, attack speed reduction etc. There are ways to add soft CCs to counter specific situations.


CC had to go, it still exists with heroes who need to actually aim to pull it off or is within ultimates.


We still have CC, just less.


removes visual sr and just keeps it in the background
removes 1 tank instead of nerfing multi shield comps

Seems like blizz is very good at using really easy but negative solutions for problems in this game.


you should get the cough checked out it might be covid.

roll something that counters them instead of going reinhard and eating hacks.

Idk Mei is my most played dps, and pretty up there in hours. I have been finding her damage output to be much nicer than freezing, but maybe it only works in qp

Only thing that counters Sombra though effectively is Kiriko, Hanzo, and Widow and those last two are a skill check as well

soldier counters her aswell unless shes hitting constant headshots.

her hack skill lockout lasts about 1 seconds and she can’t hack while you are hitting her so soldier can healup and forcing retreat on a sombra.

hanzo is not a skillcheck when hes firing trees as arrows with the broken hitboxes.

I don’t see how soldier would counter her, wouldn’t the Sombra simply need to not target him? Also if you think Hanzo isn’t a skill check you should see me play him, you’d be shocked by how bad it’s possible to be with him lol

soldier is doing more damage and his right click deletes about 60% of her health + any damage she do to him he can outheal unless shes hitting 90% headshots.

My best guess is the people who want CC back are mostly lower-tier supp players. No, can we please not ruin the game for most people so a minority can feel better about having no skill.