We need better Overwatch support in the Blizzard API

I agree that generally people have a poor grasp on stats but I always lean on the side of avoiding things where I think the potential for algorithmic abuse or vindictiveness exists. Similar tools in other games that do make this data available, like Blitz in LoL, I already see as an outsider being used as tools for teammate bullying and vengeful reporting. I would be happy if Bliz posted some stats once a month from the game, things like average time-to-kill or time-to-die across different roles or things like match length on a given map, but I don’t see any way that players could be relied on to responsibly use aggregated performance data.

Why would you need a better Advanced Programming Interface

hahahhaha get it, computer science jokes end my life

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There’s no way you can believe that is not intentional.

They keep any real data to themselves then can release nuggets when they want.

They’ve intentionally locked it down, I doubt they’d put any effort into letting 3rd parties access it again.

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I believe that it’s intentional, but I think it’s more of an oversight than it is anything approaching malice.

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Private profiles makes the data inaccurate on sites such as Overbuff.

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What we need are profiles to be public again, across the board, it’ll fix all the misinformation flying around, ppl touting statistics that are incomplete, and raging at Blizzard when they nerf or buff or change something that doesn’t make sense through the lens of the available data. Yes, ppl might be toxic about profile stats again, but honestly, ppl are going to be toxic no matter what. I’d rather have all that data be accurate and have ppl try to be toxic about my personal numbers or whoever’s numbers than be toxic about THE ENTIRE GAME and at Blizzard for doing something that doesn’t “make sense.”

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No it won’t.

The problem with scraping is that sites like Overbuff need you to somehow give them your userID so that they can pull your data. There’s no “directory of players” so even if every profile was public there’s no way for them to know if they missed anyone and no way for them to know if their data is biased in any correctable way.

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Would be enough if sites like overbuff had all stats, just no profiles, if private.
Reading the overall stats would help get a picture.

But who knows, maybe blizzard doesn’t want this and are satisfied that private profiles make those sites inaccurate.

I’m more dissapointed blizzard doesn’t have such a site like they used to have for owl…

That moment when a necro is just as relevant now as it was a full year ago

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Great reminder than Overbuff is often just a rough estimate and is in no way absolutely accurate.

After private profiles came out, the legitimacy of Overbuff just dipped for obvious reasons.
It sucks we have no other alternative for stats though

Honestly posting on the forums would be a lot easier if threads would be closed…
Not creating douplicated threads and not necroing is kinda impossible…

do you know how polling works? overbuff has more than enough representative sampling data for their stats to be accurate. no reason why ow don’t give access to source data though.

This whole post is about how inaccurate it is

That moment when you find out the necro is your thread, and your opinion has not changed a bit.

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Curious… is this related to the reason the quickplay stats on Overbuff have been broken for ages?

You’re assuming they were ever not broken.