We need Apex style ping

Seriously, considering certain Sombr–I mean heroes, we could us that kind of ping system for those of us who don’t like using voice chat for one reason or another.

Check out what Jeff recently posted


I don’t like using voice chat. Once I started playing Sombra I stopped being a baby and actually joined VC.

On the other hand one could say that Apex needs the voice comms quality of OW instead of the 60’s cosmonaut thing they got going on.

Good for you. The problem with that is not everyone has a mic. And some people might be more. I my case I don’t like vocally speaking to people I don’t know. At least online (offline…eh, I still tend to avoid talking to people unless I have reason).

There’s your answer.


Who doesn’t have a mic in 2019

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Not to mention if you’ve got a computer or a console you most likely can afford a cheap mic.

However, that does not mean a better ping system would be useless. Pings are faster and easier to understand, not to mention some people cannot talk or hear, and social anxiety is a thing.

Also, pings wouldn’t completely remove the need for a mic, it would compliment it.

it costs less than 3 euros. pls.

You guys know that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with speaking in games right? Add in that a lot of players don’t know english well enough to be able to properly communicate, adding another barrier.

Make one or more players be able to ping enemies, not the environment. Then you know who you need to focus down and so on.

Did you even read what I wrote after that?

Yes thank you for your contribution, I was aware of that. Are you aware that I was replying to the “I have no mic” argument?

Because I quoted it as well, to make it super extra clear

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Doesn’t really matter, if they don’t want to talk, they wont. If you don’t like talking in games or through your PC why would you buy a cheap microphone.

Also, don’t buy a cheap microphone.

a 3$ lavalier mic gives you better sound quality in OW, than a 500$ condenser does in Apex.

Buy a cheap mic.

I’d say don’t bother.
We both were replying to that, he clearly didn’t want to understand

The issue shouldn’t be not having a microphone, because one can be easily adquired. Our answer was replying to that excuse in particular, which wasn’t about anxiety, a disability or not wanting to.

They shouldn’t be in comp modes then.

Yeah as stated, duplicate thread:

You realize all three of us were responding to someone saying “not every has a mic” right?