We need a cleasing ability


We need more ways tho get out of freeze, burn, hack, discord, nade debuff and poison.

Only health pack, bubble and “just wait” does not solve the problem.


Such an ability would make said hero a mandatory pick.


Imo, remove revive on mercy and replace it with an aoe radius ability with this effect, maybe add an instant hp boost so it’s not so niche


Ah? Did i said cleasing hero? Did i said only one hero with this variety of ability?


This idea is not very smart. Not all enemy teams run those abilities and it wouldn’t be very useful at all


Which is why you make successfully negating the CC skill based.

Aka, reintroduce being able to TP out of CC with Syms Teleporter. They never tried that on live. Two second cast time along with a LoS and aim requirement to save a CC’d teammate seems fair.


Hero with HoT’s, clense, and fear


Sombras translocator does a lot of these but its really only for her. For some reason the translocator does not get rid of bionade


Cleansing abilities could work. But then again it will be extremely powerful if it is not capped at most 1-2 heroes as an ultimate. A regular ability to do something like that on other heroes would simply be a zarya bubble copy


Zarya has cleanse.

But to be honest, I afraid more anti-CC or a cleanser could do more harm than good in Overwatch.

  • Flankers like Tracer will be less vulnerable to stuns when they should be the ones most vulnerable to stuns.
  • It would make CC based heroes useless. Heroes like Lucio, Doomfist, Mei and Brigitte.
  • Genji’s dragonblade becomes more obnoxious to deal with. Not to mention that it would be overpowered.

I think that if they are going to add anti-CC or cleanser, then it should have a high risk or limitations as well.