We need a better way to communicate

Overwatch is such a fun game, it does however rely on teamwork and that isn’t always something that can just be achieved by playing the game. When someone sneaks onto the back line and starts mowing people down before the rest of the team notices its rather frustrating. especially when you watch it all happen and have 0 ways of warning your team of the impending doom.

I think we need a basic pinging system, maybe one to just target an enemy or let people know you’ve seen them. something to grab the attention of your teammates before you watch the devastation unfold. maybe just a click with L3 to ping at the ground and places but when done on an enemy it makes them flash red for a moment.

I dont have all the answers but I do have the need, a yearning for a better experience. I was searching this topic up a little more and saw the hashtag #bringtheping. So thats what I will try to do.

#bringtheping, if not for me, for you. If not for you, then for the children, if not for the children, for all the people who have been scorned by a mei who somehow got behind the entire team and now we can’t move cuz the support had no way to tell us we were all going to hell.

thankks :smiley:

There’s a reason this hasn’t been added.


I use my mic. And as I talk 1 or 2 others will get brave and do call-outs too.

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If we don’t have teamwork I leave. There’s no way to carry 5 other people who don’t want to work together.

I play arcade so there’s literally 0 penalty for doing so.

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those are some things i never thought of! thank you for some clarity :slight_smile: so maybe there needs to be a different system, like with the voice lines and emotes. have a few more options for “behind us!” or one that calls for help. instead of the characters themselves yelling that when they take damage like what you were saying with the wheel.

This could also be a good way to have support roles feel a little more important, maybe have it so anyone playing a support can use the pings or call out shots. Might be a new way to have more people play them if they gain some more respect!