We don't need another pharah-like (no buffs to reaper)


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PLEASE STOP, He’s being the new “pharah kill everyone” since the last buff, we dont need more buff’s on Reaper.


So in other words keep things like McRight-Click, Hanzo shooting logs, and Rein required for every comp where they are… And keep everything else (that’s not part of the 9-hero-meta) in the trash?

Instead of nerfing everything people are crying about, all heroes should be buffed except the ones that are already strong.


Ok, now if i say to don’t make one character like a killer machine, i’m automatically saying to never make changes on the game? Come on, you can make a better argument than that (without attacking the player).

You’re right, except the ones that are already strong, Reaper are already strong and now every team will need even more a Rein, a Right Click Mcree and a Hanzo shooting logs, Cause Reaper can basicly wall through and never dies cause if one pellet of his shotgun got someone, he can heal a 20% more than he heals before. (combine this with the armor nerf on the top of the official post).

i’m not just saying this without testing, i used to test every character of the game, and i’m awful with reaper, since the last live buff, i’m killing everyone, now imagine with 20% more life steal than before! is basicly a “walk forward and shoot”,


Reaper was trash tier even after his last two buffs, calm down.


i’m calm, i’m just sad actually.

Basically is less fun for me and my friends (we used to play the game all time we have out of work, now we touch the game sometimes during all month =/.

I like how the game plays and how much he change time to time, but a hero who kill everyone is a problem if have at least one target (even small ones generate as much health he needs to survive during a 2 enemies vs 1 reaper).


Then get out of Reaper’s range? Every other DPS besides Doomfist can stay out of his range easy to kill him, this will only really affect tanks. Complaining about buffing a hero that’s been in an awful spot for forever isn’t helpful, he’s not gonna just suddenly be able to kill everything.


I said that on the top, and i’m serious, i’m really bad with reaper since ever, and when the latest reaper buff get on live servers, i just destroy everyone even on distance, cause i can basicly mitigate damage until i get in a good distance to restore my health while kill every enemy. The distance strategy will work only and some parts of the map (and most of then not effectively cause there’s a lot of corridors and walls in most of then where you can get out of sight). I’m talking in a more pratical view, i tested it on the latest live buff, and i tested a little now, and it’s just easier to do that now.


Reaper on live is garbage above plat


So much noob in this post. You’re obviously trash and need to get better with a complaint like this


Are you like… stupid or something? Even after the last buff reaper was still one of the least used characters. The extra health doesn’t actually fix the problem of him having difficulty getting in close range though


did you notice that he have 250 HP and he can heal 140~ per shot now? if he’s against a dps, he can kill a DPS or not die if at least three pellets per shot hit you in a far distance? look, i dont know why all of you are so offensive on the replies, but you can try to go against my argument, not me so, respect please.


“Reaper are already strong…”

He’s been in a very poor place since the game launched, and the only real reason to pick him is if you like playing him. He has limited range, he’s slower than a steam roller, can be picked off at range very easily, has absolutely terrible movement abilities (Shadow Step being the absolute worst movement ability in the game, if not THE worst ability overall), he’s loud as hell, and gets CC’d into oblivion.

" is basicly a “walk forward and shoot”,"

So your complaint here is that…he’s a DPS…?

“but a hero who kill everyone is a problem if have at least one target (even small ones generate as much health he needs to survive during a 2 enemies vs 1 reaper).”

I’m sorry, how many other heroes are there who can kill enemies when they’re out numbered, WITHOUT any form of self healing?

“did you notice that he have 250 HP and he can heal 140~ per shot now?”

This statement is not only completely and utterly false, but it just proves even further that you absolutely do not understand what you’re talking about. His Hellfire shotguns do a maximum of 140 damage…per shot. That’s if every single pellet hits, which is almost barrel stuffing range, not factoring armor. He will never be able to heal for 140 hp per shot with 50% life steal.

But hey, thanks for the laugh. I really needed that.


I honestly don’t know what you’re saying, he can kill/not-die if 3 pellets hit a dps at long range?





We do. Get good.


Just wanna prefice this by saying ive been maining reaper for about 2 or so seasons now, Dva and Junkrat before that. I like him a lot, but Reaper has been in a terrible place ever since the game launched. When was the last time you saw a Reaper in OWL? He’s slow, his teleport has 1 (one) use where using it won’t get you immediately discovered and focused (teleing from spawn to midway up your teams entry to point), any other application of it will get you instantly hooked, headshotted, stunned, or booped. His kit relies solely on his shotguns and getting in a teams face, and even then, if you don’t have a dedicated healer ignoring their tanks to help you get picks, you can maybe trade 1 kill if you’re an average player, 2 if good, and 3 if god tier, before you’re dead or have to retreat with wraith form. Death blossom does great damage, but is still the most predictable ult in the game with a million trillion ways to shut it down. He needs this buff to become a more self sufficient DPS that can handle enemies on his own without need for a dedicated healer, and even then I really don’t think we’re gonna see him enter meta anytime soon (if ever). If you really hate this buff, if seeing a reaper on the map now makes your boots quake and your holes quiver, protip; just press S to move out of his range and get a hitscan to target him.


Yeah, buffing everything to insanity surely will work /s.

If the game keeps following the path of McRightclick, it will become a game of who burns their skills first, saw someone ? flashbang and FtH them, no effort, just a free kill.

If every hero is a McCree level of power, them the TTK of this game will reach the Earths core.


Sooo… Stick with the 9 man meta, leave everything else f-tier, and as soon as something becomes viable to stand against the 9 nerf it back down so no one tries using it again?

I’m not saying things like ‘make Pharah a high-speed jet fighter’ or ‘Bastion should be able to move while deployed’.

I’m saying that having the whole game practically dictated by 1/4 of the roster is stupid. Things like Brig, Doom, Sombra, Bastion, and a few others get attacked by people shouting 'nerf!", they were never overpowered (except for 1.0 Bastion) people just didn’t like the idea of having to deal with something new.


If he hits a target from a far distance with 3 pellets it will give him 3 hp back. What a sustain…
And if he hits a target with 3 pellets from very close range,it will give him 10 hp back…


If you or your team does not call his position out or he gets too close it’s all your teams fault.
Sorry but how do you think shotguns would work in this game? Without Damage?