We desperately need tanks who are fun to play


I’m gonna state a SUPER unpopular/controversial opinion here, but it’s my OPINION meaning I’m not stating it as fact.

We need tanks that are sexy or hot or badass. Both other categories have this. Mercy and Brig are hot. Widow and Tracer and Pharah are sexy. Genji and Hanzo and McCree are badass. The tank category is old grandpapa rein, manly russisan bear woman, literal hamster, literal gorilla, giant hogman, omnic horse, and big weird shaped mech pod (I am not counting baby dva because she is not tank, she is the mini-dps version)

We need a hot female tank like junkerqueen would be perfect, or a young badass guy tank that’s not something super off the wall or weird. THEN people would start maining them more. People play Genji or Doom to feel fast and young and cool. They play Sombra and Widow and Ashe because they are waifu material. There are no tanks like that.

Again you can @ me to yell at me but I stand by my opinion. I also have thumbs’d up your ‘but hog is sexy af to me’ comment in advance so go ahead with it


Zarya and Wrecking Ball are excellent examples of good tanks, I think. More tanks like them. Less tanks like Reinhardt (which is ironic because he needs competition, such as another tank like him, but if we’re talking about “fun”, I’d rather not).


Playing tank is playing the punching bag. Which is taking all the cc you can. Which means you don’t really get to play the game. Which is why tank mains are rare. Cause you play a game to play a game… not to be stunned, frozen, slept, gravved, booped everytime you face the enemy.


One good thing came out of the Mercy rework, and that’s my love for Hammy. I don’t what it is about him that just clicks with me.


If you think that makes them less fun, I don’t even know what to tell you…
The reason they aren’t fun is because of how much they keep getting nerfed, and the slowness.


This is the way I feel about most healers except for Zen, Ana, and Lucio, who are among my favorites of all heroes. The only tank I don’t find very fun to play is Orisa.


So bascially dps.

When will ppl realize that the entire tank role is a problem and not the tank heroes themselves?

I have many ideas how to make tanks the way you want so they can retain their role, but ppl never listen to me anyways.


I think you could have faster, more skillful tanks that were not DPS.

Like, you could have a builder who could set up barricades and force fields and then snipes through them. Or a larger ninja or samurai hero who deflects as a primary tanking mechanism, but is still mobile. And Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Mei are almost tanks and would be more fun than the tanks we have.


this isnt a good example. sym and torb are absolute cancer if they are on the same team.


Eh, only in low rank. And obviously they would not be identical to their current forms as tanks.


I HATE playing tank because I do NOT have fun doing it. I will play tank when we need it but it feels like a damn chore and it makes me wanna cry. Bored to tears.

Would be nice to see a new anchor tank that is actually super fun to play.

If Brig was worked into off tank, I would totally play that. Brig is not a very well designed hero, but she is at least fun. I think she should be reworked into off tank


Doesn’t even sound like a “tank” at this point. Sounds like you want this game to be DPSwatch. Take it elsewhere, all superhard heroes is boring and pointless.


Yeah, that’s how I feel about tanking. I just can’t stand it even if it’s what the team needs.


Hammond is fun but I wish he had a way to block damage other than knocking enemies around so they miss shots.


They still control space, they’re just not so boring and kind of facerolly to play. I think I want something in between a tank and the original game’s concept of a defense hero.


Its sad. It really shouldn’t be that way. I totally understand why everyone just wants to play DPS. When you have the tanks and the healers, playing DPS is probably the most fun you can have in Overwatch. Which is a shame for the people who are “working” in Overwatch (tanks/healers)

I think Hammond could be fun, but Imo, he is just so bad and he isn’t great at protecting the team.

I wish his adaptive shields worked on allies instead of enemies and you get 100 shield for every ally (stacking) but each ally that triggered the shield also gets 100 max shield.

Does that makes sense?

So if you activated shields while 3 allies were around you, you would get 400 shields and each ally would get 100 shields.

I feel like he could activate this with his team before he jumps in and it would be a way to help his team push into a choke or something, or help his team mid fight on a point.

I think it would make him a better tank. Trying to throw yourself into the middle of a pack of enemies to get max shields is a bad move most of the time


Orisa is #1 waifu, not sure what you’re talking about.


Eh, I don’t really think anyone has really failed at making the roles fun.

They attract certain kinds of individuals. I don’t think you’ll ever have tanks (or supports for that matter) as popular as damage dealers are.

Namely, the roles just feel like they have more responsibilities than damage dealers / DPS do. Most people don’t find it fun to be the ones responsible for keeping others alive and often being blamed when the group dies. Or feel like the defacto leader among groups since tanks are usually the first to move in (as a part of making space / taking agro and defending the team).

Personally, I’ve always found healing and tanking to be more fun than just being a damage dealer. But I know “fixing” the roles is next to impossible. There’s nothing really to fix. It’s just part of the design.


I’ve said this before elsewhere, but I think there should be a cyborg samurai tank.

People like Genji because he’s a cyborg ninja, and cyborg ninjas are cool. Well so are cyborg samurai. I bet a lot of people would be really hyped to play a character like that.

To OP, though: Tanks aren’t really slow. Zarya, Orisa and Roadhog are slow. Rein is slow except when he’s charging. Winston and DVa are actually pretty fast and can leap/fly around. Hammond is literally the fastest character in the entire game.



You…do realize that people find tanks fun to play now…right? And that fun is in the eyes of the beholder?


So…Tanks shouldn’t exist and we should only have DPS and Healers?