We buffed Reaper!


Not to mention the life steal buff as well. Not only will Reaper be more viable with his guns, but he will also live longer thanks to just that 10% increase.


Reaper can frequently get quad kills with his ultimate easily if he is good. It doesn’t need a rework.


Ya, maybe in low elo against 6 dpses that dont include McCree… and he might still die.


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well as most of players are plat and below, in which Reaper is too easy to play and destroy everything, this buff will be bad for those elo


Everyone here is so happy I hate to be the one but… people have been testing it out on the PTR and either it’s bugged, or the change didnt have the intended consequence cause… he’s worse…

Sorry =/

EDIT: Experiments with Reaper changes show them to be a nerf

be sure to check out the images and videos, don’t just go off the opinions :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get it… every game I play in already has a reaper, usually one on each team. Why give him a buff if he’s already heavily played?


Because he can one shot someone or do 10 damage aiming at the same spot from the same distance. He needed consistency.


imo, the concept of shadowstep skill isn’t bad, it is the implementations of it that was bad. For example, the animation lock and mobility lock.


only in bronze/silver lol…


I agree, this buff is probably the worst they coulda done, buffs him in low elo, where hes already dominant and hardly makes a difference in the high-elo where hes horribly weak (Not to mention the horrible 25-30% overral nerf to his dps while not on melee range)… Just B****ard things.


yeah but thats life most characters get balanced at high level for the 10 % top people, but in plat and below all those changes are not balanced (especially reaper its so easy to have impact with him there). but of course people will try adapt:)


So I must be ignoring it happening in high plat


You know the spread thing is a nerf because now you have dead zones and the pattern is now a bullseye shape instead of an area where the pellets will hit.

So instead of doing a fixed spread pattern that’s the shape of a square, diamond or triangle or what ever, they’re using a bullseye pattern with lots of dead zones… enforcing the fact that his shotguns are only good at arms reach distance and anything beyond that the pellets turn into cotton candy.


Is high plat so weak in your zone? Or are you just exaggerating something that happened once or twice in 100 games? Or are this memories from a few months ago?

I honestly just don’t trust your use of a word “frequently” - sorry, it’s nothing personal, it just feels like it was a BS statement.


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The saddest part is that this also doesnt impact high-elo well enough either, Again, it JUST makes him stronger when hes already strong, wich is low-elo 'n terrible misplays pretty much… hes still going to be horrible into armor/barriers/snipers/mobility/D.va/CC 'n thats what makes him bad at high-elo.


People do have more help when people ult in plat so generally a reaper comes in from above with ult and usually will get the supports during the ult and tanks after if not during. Usually receiving a harmony orb or zarya bubble during the process. Doesn’t happen every game there is a reaper but I still see reapers about 1/3 of the games do this.


On the other hand his ult lacks in range (lucio boop can save whole team, hanzo can jump out unless you ult on top of him) and burst (its dps is lower than normal shooting).
With the current amount of shields, armor, stun and stop effects, negations and just focus fire, it makes his ult one of the worst in the game.
I must say that a few months ago I’ve seen Reaper ult really have an impact, but currently I find it to be a real rare sight. Also when it happens, it usually is in games against teams that are steamrolled anyway by every ult.


Imagine Nano Boosting reaper now! he will heal for 20% of his Nano boosted Attack!!