We buffed Reaper!


Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em

Finally after 8 months of silence. Our lord and savior Jeff gives us new hope! I am going to spend the next week drinking hard Mexican vodka and black Mtn Dew to prepare for the edge.

If I survive my hangover I’ll see you in patch 1.30



“Changed his lifesteal from 20-25%”

Jk but that would suck if that was it


Close added patch notes to OP post


Mexican vodka and black Mountain Dew? I will stick with blood and orphan tears, thank you very much.


That first line I instantly thought of the music after it lmaoooo.

That made my day. c:


It has been increased to 30% actually


Now that’s a step in the right direction


Oh ho ho… These buffs are beautiful. I am going to go make a Reaper one-trick account now. K thnx, bye. :scream:


Still no change to Shadow Step… i guess someone worked on the code so cant change it i guess…
As for the buffs, eh, now he gets the same sustain he got back when souls were a thing against 200hp tgts i guess, as for the spread change idk just less rng the better i guess.


Buff is a buff. Glad we’re not being ignored


Roadhog is better then reaper. Hope this buff can fix that.


10% sustain doesnt change much… since both of them got better spread… they’re still gonna get shafted by armor too so Goats still a thing.


That Spread buff is massive for Reaper. Happy for you Reaper Mains! :skull:


A step in the right direction no doubt!

But I do wonder what the devs think about shadowstep. Does it need an update?


Definetly, its just so outdated its gotta hurt even them.


Super wish Jeff/Geoff did an AMA on forum or reddit again


We are getting there. Now shadow step needs to be looked at.


Baby indie steps.


Still think both Reaper and Roadhog should deal more damage to armor.


FR, got on PTR all hyped up and his abilities and ult are still terrible