We are on nerf number 10 people!


If you didn’t see the last play lets do a recap: Blizzard, trying their best; wrongfully reworks the hero Mercy, causing one of the most OP heroes to date. after months of nerfing around the actual problem. they come to a halt in January, only to see an amazing comeback in July! But what will happen now!?

Will the forums do they same thing to do after ever nerf and have a tug of war of “This will make her balanced” and “Shes dead” ??

Will the Devs succeed in actually killing Mercy ??

Tune in next time on “Seriously guys, this didn’t work the first 9 times”


Amazing, all those ‘nerfs’ and she walks away from all of them with 99999% pick rate in every level of play.

Weird. Maybe they should try buffing her instead.


I’m SO excited, lets make our next goal 20 :rofl:


Will the players stop spamming the same topic over and over?

Tune in next time on “will the playerbase finally shut up?”


Let’s just make her an off healer!


This is why I stick to total mayhem. This game is getting worse by the patch and I’m starting to have very little interest in playing it.


These nerfs were not enough tbh, until resurrect gets nerfed, she will outshine other supports.


Its almost like the re-work was complete trash or somthing.


Dont think it was the ideal change, but its better than no nerfs.


unfortunately “will the playerbase finally shut up?” was renewed for it 12th season.


10 nerfs in a row? This is a record. I’m wondering if devs still believe that the rework was a success.


Doesn’t this kinda enable the “triple support meta” people didn’t want to happen?

Mercy and Zen’s healing output together isn’t great now, but you’re still gonna want Mercies rez and Zen to counter grav :man_shrugging:


Asking the real questions here…

It might, You could still have Zarya and Hanzo plus 3 healers so it’d work.


Lets go for the 11!!


Megathread is automatically locked. Sorry, not our fault :woman_shrugging:

Anyway, I’m preparing to watch as this nerf does absolutely nothing and we wait for more screaming.


I’m most excited for them to say they think she’s in a good place, and then nerf her a month later!


The overreactions will be swift. She still has arguably the best Support-based cooldown in the game with Rez. She can still heal through barriers and she’ll still be the go-to healer for raw healing output. Nothing will change.



Hey folks,

Going to go ahead and lock this one up now before it spirals into negativity and non-constructive conservation. We recommend submitting the feedback in this thread.