Way to de-rank without throwing?

That’s actually my point. I am current playing at a skill level above where I am capable of, thus violating the code of conduct. However, because the distribution of smurf accounts at this particular MMR is so high, (3000 is where all inactive accounts decay to, so if a gm player buys a 2nd account to play with their mom, this is where they end up. There was even a graph released a few months ago that indicated a spike in the otherwise relatively smooth curve of SR distribution right at 3000.) that I am unable to normalize.

Basically I join a game and either have more ‘smurfs’ on my team, and win (since I still try my best) or the enemy does and I lose. Additionally, because this isn’t their SR, but where their accounts tend to cluster, the actual SR variance on these accounts is much higher than should be possible. All this creates the situation I described: I make no impact in most games, but the high variance in my teammates skills means I still win ~50% and can never get the rank I belong at.

I don’t want to have to buy a new account, I like my skins and my hours played on various characters feels like an accomplishment. I like playing all the other modes… I just can’t compete at the rank I am trapped at. I basically queue for a game, and watch other people have a good time (or call each other racist/sexist stuff lol) and do nothing. When I play in QP or other modes, I am queued against silver and gold and have a better competitive experience than I do playing near 3k.


No real possible way on your main account.
You could create an alt account but you said you dont want to waste more money and that would just ruin others experiences.
Sorry my dude, have no ideas.

Easy: try new “troll pick” heroes. Try to get good with the likes of Doomfist, Sym, and DPS Mercy. Once you get good with any of them, just switch. You’ll de-rank while actually trying.


Easy way to lose rank without trying, get shizzfaced and play the game. It’s actually more fun that way anyways.

If you belong lower you will fall lower. You don’t need to purposely throw to go lower.


The easiest way is to play ana. You can dps and heal, while your team still dies. I play ana when I need to de rank. Still doing it now


if you weren’t so high id say just play with me
im a jinx & a failure. dropped 500 sr in 4 weeks.
cant do anything right.
no matter what i play i suck & come up against mcree’s that cant miss, doomfists that 1 shot everyone & genji’s that take out the whole team.
if you wanna drop get on my team. its easy

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Decayed account are matched at their pre-decay MMR.

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And no. There is no way to lower your MMR intentionally without engaging in unbecoming activity.

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Lol you have dropped 500 in 4 weeks. While in season 8 I believe, I dropped 2989 to 2320 in a single day. Luckily I made it to diamond that season lul

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Your claims are: your impact is nothing and number of smurfs determines the outcome.

There are 5 slots for potential smurfs on your team, while there are 6 on red’s. That means on average the red team will have more smurfs than you. And it follows that they should have the advantage more often than your team. Because of that they should win more than you.

However, since you have ~50% winrate, it’s clear that you are not being a hindrance to your team or that you are a smurf whenever they have one more than you. The latter is unlikely, and also invalidates the smurf claim. That means your other claim is also wrong. You do contribute. And you are where you belong.

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If you want to derank you have to play „bad“

If I wanted to derank I would play (PS4) Widow, Hanzo, Genji… characters I have really low playtime. It’s not forbidden to play heroes which are not optimal for the fight, or where you are not really skilled in. If you play the characters you can’t play well you will derank…

Some games you will win … more you will lose… until your skill lvl on your worst characters rise…

I wouldn’t do this because I want to rise… but it’s a way…

Just start maining one of your weaker heroes.

In the long run if you don’t belong you’ll drop. If you maintain 50% win ratio, then you do belong.

Theoretically, play tunnel visioned on one aspect instead of looking at the whole picture.

As a support hero, just healbot.
As a tank, do little to no damage/make space but hold up your shield so it still looks like you’re “tanking”.
As DPS, get the damage and picks that don’t matter at all.

Are you still engaged in the game? Yes.
Are you doing things that bring you to the win condition? No.
Are you throwing? Arguably Yes.
Does it look like it? No.

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Uninstall your game please.

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Buy 2nd acc.

20 chars oh my gawd.

Just do what the entire overwatch community does in ranked. Play selfishly, for fun, maybe have a few drinks, don’t ever switch, ignore team. Blizzard don’t care. Blizzard can’t tell the difference between throwing and sucking.

Oh and practice heroes you’re not very good at. That’s probably the best way and everyone does it anyways.

Find a team and get dicked over by the matchmaking system stacking higher mechanically skilled players against you to crush you into oblivion.

Honestly there’s so many ways to do it without violating anything. This game is a joke.

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