Way to check reason of leaving

Hi Blizzard and the Overwatch dev team.

I really love playing the games but there has got to be away to see the reason for leaving. Surely the is a way to log whether or not someone has left the game due to them exiting or hitting alt-f4 “rage quit” and someone that has suffered a server disconnect or a crash.

And how is it possible to rejoin a game from a crash, be able to give endorsements but get banned and lose 50 sr plus endorsements?

There should be away if you can prove it was not a rage quit, you could appeal. Eg. video/screenshot/log. Still get a SR loss but not as steep.

Again thank you for creating such a great game

This sounds like general feedback, whereas this forum is for helping people experiencing install or connection problems. You’ll get more eyeballs in the other forum.

While the system technically can tell the difference between a player who disconnects from the game versus. pressing the LEAVE GAME button, no technology exists to tell the difference between a true technical malfunction and from a player deliberately unplugging their internet modem or powering down their computer to fake a disconnection. Furthermore, by enforcing penalties on those who have technical malfunctions, those players will be incentivized to correct those issues before continuing to play Competitive play in Overwatch.