Watchpoint Loot not Appearing

I have Overwatch 2 on PS5 and I bought the Watchpoint Pack back in the summer. The loot that I was supposed to get with the pack is not appearing in game. Does anyone know what I did wrong?


Keep an eye out here.


Sorry. I didn’t see the rest. I just got scared when I was able to buy the pack again in the psn store and searched the forums and didn’t find anything. Thanks for the info @aphelion :slight_smile:


Ihan sama kuin minulla

How do I tell blizzard that my account specifically is having troubles with this issue? I’ve purchased the watchpoint pack on nintendo switch and have proof of the purchase, but i haven’t received any of the loot?


You can open a ticket to support, but it sounds likely you’ll be waiting awhile before you get an answer.

They seem to be working on fixing things too, so wait a bit, it might resolve.

Or log out and in again.

I have the same issue, already downloaded the PS4 and PS5 version and still nothing


I Got the watchpoint pack before the second beta on xbox i have not got my watchPoint pack yet (battle pass, the currency ect) I have all my ow1 skins.


I finally got in and all is well except my watchpoint pack isn’t working so I’m not sure if I should play yet or wait but then I’m scared to log out


So I got impatient and bought coins. The moment I made another purchase everything on the watchpoint pack became available.


I posted a topic explaining how I got mine to work on the Xbox.
Unsure if this can translate over to be PlayStation however.

can i get the link to that

I never posted before today so hopefully that’ll link properly.


I have all my OW1 skins but nothing of the watchpoint pack is appearing for me too, no skins, no OW coins and no battle pass


thx I got it working


Can we somehow get people to read my original post and see if it works for others?

You know if this works on PlayStation store too?

Same i had a mini heat attack when i was able to buy the watch point pack again


If they have similar system, you could try clicking ‘purchase’ from the in-game store.
But I would only suggest that if it takes you to the PlayStation store screen afterwards.

I tested on Xbox as I knew it wouldn’t confirm another purchase without taking me to the Xbox store first.

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I know this works with street fighter V because I purchased something’s in game and redirected to the PlayStation store but no idea if it works with Overwatch